From U Trio (USL-5UE-URF Trio) to UUNG Quartet (U trio-UN-NGOs-Governments)

  • If you are here for the USL1 potential for the education reforms as education professionals or policy makers or shapers, please click here & go directly to the Part 1: USL Introduction
  • If you are here for the USL-5UE-URF for the global transformations for the governments, NGOs, and the UN, etc, or for the Media publicities, please stay and read on.

You are about to see something that is not supposed to be possible. For most, these will be too good to be true. For some, these will be bad news if they simply subsist with the system´s status quo and the business as usual than if they are ready to embrace possibly one of the great breakthroughs of our life time. The U Trio (USL-5UE-URF Trio) will operate more or less like the socio-economic-environmental karma system for the betterment of the entire world, all inclusive and all embracing. Trio will not only be able to fulfill the key major missions (albeit non-geopolitical) of  the UN operations such as  SE4All (Sustainable Energy For All) & the Post-2015, but also push them to the completely higher next levels within 5 years if the NGOs and the UN start collaborating with us as soon as possible.


NOTE: to view the images more clearly, just click each image when necessary.

Some of the main USL-5UE-URF Trio target goals are raised by the Secretary-General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon here.

UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon´s 3 pillars of the sustainable developments

UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon´s 3 pillars of the sustainable developments

The essential answers to the challenges posed by Mr. Ban arise from the following properties expected from the USL1 alone (which uses only 20% of the full capability of USL by boosting the national math average of the participating countries by 2 years with only the 2-4 years of radical reform time, not the typical 20-30 years of reform time).

USL-URF and the governments (with the help of the UN) can bring the sustainable, circular growths, protecting the depleting resources and environment maximally unlike ever before

USL-URF and the governments (with the help of the UN) can bring the sustainable, circular economic growths, protecting the depleting resources and environment maximally and over the entire 5 most critical global crises within 20 years or so with the USL1, unlike ever before


We´ll start with the 1 page of a comprehensive and overarching summary of the USL1-5UE-URF Trio plans  to overcome the TOP 5 most critical global crises or challenges of our time for 5 Es (in Education, Economy, Energy, Environment, and Equality), all simultaneously within next 20-25 years or so with the back up plans lining up one after another with the USL 2, 3, 4, 5+ (depending on the monitorred progress of the nations around the world).  This plan is impossible to fail if we all can start creating a global movement out of this. The introduction is followed by the Table of Contents consisting of 3 parts and appendices.  Please make sure that you read this short 1 page summary and then the first 10 minute video before you move on.

The most essential 2 page short summary

Short summary for the USL-5UEs-URF Trio & HWU1 Rule (the rule of the games to put these together)

This seemingly complex-looking USL-5UEs-URF Trio hinges on 3 central pieces: USL (Human Capital breakthroughs to change both the face of STEM education & world economy completely), 5UEs (the guiding principles for USL not to abuse the new breakthroughs for profits & uncontrolled growths, but to benefit everything simultaneously sustainably), and URF (law and financing for the world so that things can actually work instead of daydreaming).

  1. USL (Unified Super Learning) (a set of breakthroughs in educating Math & Science subjects 10-20 times faster than usual) whose economic consequences far beyond anyone´s wild imaginations. So we focus only on 20% of its full capacity called USL1 (USL 1.0) as it will be sufficient to resolve the top 5 global crises of our time within just a few decades. + USL pilot studies: so far run for over a thousand students in 8 schools in 2 countries with the data and testimonials to back up the claims and currently. + UPSPM1 (Usl Pilot Studies for the Post-MDGs): trying to expand the pilots to over 100,000 students with the help of governments, NGOs, and the UN in 2015
  2. 5UEs (Unified 5Es) where these 5 Es are Education (USL1-triggered STEM subjects breakthroughs) –> Economy (Circular and Green Economy) –> Energy (Renewable) –> Environment (ranging from Amazon forests or Climate anomalies or plastics to the Fukushima aftermaths, etc.) –> Equality/Empowerment (for the various socio-economic crises). The 5UEs are the guiding principle/visions of USL to rapidly transform our world for much better within 10-20 years, not 50-100+ years.
  3. URF (Unified Redistribution Funds): we try to create a UN-led binding international treaty in such a way that the staggering GDP boosts using USL1 can be used as the motives or even baits for all the governments and NGOs to join the international treaty and set up protocols to help us thrive sustainably not at the exclusion of the rest, but all together with the strict check and balance. Due to the colossal economic gains associated with the USL x.x series, the governments have to respect the protocols because the more they violated, the more difficult for them to access for the next versions of USL with the increasingly higher costs. This is designed in such a way that everyone prosper together helping one another. Otherwise, those who violate will become obsolete within a decade from the rest of the world. You can think of the trio operations are like socio-economic-environmental karma system because the nations will get exactly what they deserve for the better or worse, just like the Nature.

The estimated total costs of the top 5 global crises are

  • about 1.5-2 times of the current world GDP (over the next 25 years or so)
  • about 3.5-6 times of the current entire world GDP (over the next 30-50 years or so). (We´ll provide our estimations in the next version.)


HWU1 rule below is the most critical part for all the policy makers and shapers to understand clearly whether they are from the governments, NGOs, or the UN worldwide.

HWU1 Rule (Hanushek-Woessmann-Usl1 Rule): this is to connect the human capital boosts induced by USL1 reforms and the corresponding mathematically expected economic growth patterns. The primary pioneer on this by Hanushek & Woesmann and explained in various occasons, but to make it more digestable for the general audiences and policy shapers and makers,

we came up with a handy rule of thumb called HWU1 (Hanushek-Woessmann-USL1.0) rule or rule of thumb as a sort of Moore´s Law in human capital vs. economic growths. For most economies, HWU1 rule says that with the USL1, the average GDP growth will take only half the time of what is normally takes to double the GDP, the current growth rate of the world GDP of about 3.5% annually (and the world average GDP doubles in after more than 2 decades without USL1) will become, after the USL1 reform which may take 2-5 years, roughly 7-7.5% per year, which means that the world average GDP will double in mere 1 decade or so after the quick USL1 reform.


 USL x.x  STDEV changes Math skill advances (by yrs) Our estimated Surplus world average GDP growths due to USL x.x over 25 yrs (compared to the current total world GDP) Our estimated Surplus world average GDP growths due to USL x.x over 50 yrs (compared to the current total world GDP)
USL 0.25 0.25 ½ yrs About 0.3 times About 1 times
USL 0.5 0.5 1 yr About 1 time About 3 times
USL 1.0 1.0 2 yrs. About 2.5-3 times About 10 times
USL 2.0 2.0 4 yrs. About 5-7 times About 40 times

TABLE 1: As you can see, the USL 1.0 after the first 25 years or so can take care of most of the complete transition to RE and the sovereign debts. Again, in case, if the USL 1.0 is not enough, the quick math education reforms based on USL 2.0 globally within few years can take care of the economic boosts. Note that we don´t really need USL 3+ for the practical purposes.


With the USL1 alone (which uses only 20% of its full USL capacity), the projected USL1-induced economic contribution to the surplus world GDP ( if we use HWU1 rule) are given as follows in the chronological order:

  1. The Surplus World GDP will be roughly 2-3 times larger than the entire current world GDP if we use HWU1 rule (in 25 years or so).
  2. The Surplus World GDP will be roughly 10 times larger than the entire current world GDP if we use HWU1 rule (in 50 years or so).

How USL1 can help us overcome all the top 5 most critical global crises

  1. The estimated total costs of the top 5 global crises are roughly about 1.5-2 times of the current world GDP (over the next 25 years or so ) or about 3.5-6 times of the current entire world GDP (over the next 30-50 years or so).
  2. Thus, USL1 (which uses only less than 20% of its full USL capacity) can still take care of the total costs necessary to resolve most of the top 5 global crises in just 20-25 years and as time goes on. In case there is an unexpected extra global crises, such as a new financial meltdowns, etc., and even if the USL1 plan gets a bit delayed – as these are mathematical projections – it will still achieve the goals soon if the world is willing to try this approach as the costs are relatively far smaller than the gains. The worst case scenario is to release USL2 to the countries that behave well according to the 5UE principles and the URF protocols.

How we may use the USL 2, 3, 4, 5+ as the current crises need only the USL 1 mostly?

  1. USL 1.5 or beyond is primarily reserved for pushing the humanity to the next levels because the current education establishments will resist the changes for some time for sure. The rest series will emerge to liberate the unnecessary suffering to learn 12 years of math in 1/2-1 year. Similar rules may follow the mathematical sciences. This will literally eliminate the differences between the elites and the general populations although the gifted children will contribute much faster to the societies than ever before.
  2. This will be the beginning of New Renaissance Women and Men because we will have literally 3-5 years of our lives freed up from studying hard for math and hard-core sciences.
  3. Especially USL 3, 4, 5+ will be used for the holistic developments of the world, obviously including much more detailed environmental protections, the family values, and non-materialistic issues. Regardless, we have to focus on the top 5-10 global crises first and resolve them first to move to the next stage of the human history.



The most essential 1 page short introduction

Part 1: USL Introduction

  1. USL1 General Introduction Video (10 minutes) [Please watch this first to get the overview.]
  2. A quasi-Moore´s Law for the relationship between human capital and the economic growth (this is the critical part to relate the revolutionary USL with the economic growths)
  3. USL Pilot Study: the first TV coverage during our USL pilot week (5 minutes) Please watch it!
  4. Overwhelming video evidences in support of the USL (Please check them especially if you are an education professional or education economist.)

Part 2: USL-5UE-URF Trio´s version 1.0 to start the global movement (starting with the various baby projects with the NGOs, governments, and the UN)

  1. USL 1.0 solutions for the top 5 global challenges or crises (The complete transition to the renewable energy + Sovereign Debts + Environment (Climate change included) + Post-2015 + stagnating education crises to resolve them all in 10-20 years once the 5 year reforms of the USL1 is complete.)
  2. Acronyms for USL-5UE-URF1 Trio (We have a long list of Acronyms as our strategies have expanded very much and too wordy to describe them all the time.

Part 3: the initial, practical attempts of the USL-5UE-URF Trio (starting with the various baby projects with the NGOs, governments, and the UN)

  1. USL1 for 5 regions or continents (This is what we are trying to push while it may take a bit of time for dozens or later over hundred of countries to join USL-5UE-URF movement to start rapid global revolutions.)
  2. USL 0.x Proposals to the governments of cities, states, and the nations around the globe
  3. How this USL1 will benefit the Governments, the UN, the people, & all living beings (not just human beings)


Part 4: The 6 QAs with regard to USL-5UE-URF Trio approaches to resolve the top 5 most critical global crises & challenges (5UEs for 5 Top Crises globally)

  1. The 6 fundamental questions (Who, When, Where, What, How, Why) with regard to USL-5UE-URF Trio to start a peaceful, rapid global movement are summarized here.



  1. USL 1 or 0.x series: Proposals (to the governments of cities, states, nations, and NGOs for running USL 0.25 & USL 0.5 pilot studies in 2015 & develope the Social Enterprises together)
  2. APPENDIX 1: basic premises for USL-5UE-URF Trio 
  3. APPENDIX 2: To collaborate with


Part 1:

USL Introduction

The whole thing started with USL (Unified Super Learning). With USL, the average people learn math & physical sciences 10-20+ times faster (advancing 5+ Standard Deviations or compressing 11+ years of math in 1/2-1 year for the average students without harder work or study), meaning the average students can learn 12 years of math in 0.5-1 year, 4-10 times faster than the fastest learning math prodigies in the entire world. This has explosive economic growth implications as we´ll explain shortly.

The GDP growth comparisons for the 6 economic Clusters Projections After USL1 reforms takes place within 5 years: These huge boost of the GDP is the clue and glue that this can contribute to the 5UE revolutions  are possible for the benefits of all

The GDP growth comparisons for the 6 economic Clusters Projections After USL1 reforms takes place within 5 years: These huge boost of the GDP is the clue and glue that this can contribute to the 5UE revolutions are possible for the benefits of all

As you can see the projections of the GDP growths between the expected GDP sizes without USL1 vs. those with USL1 reforms.

USL1 general introduction with a bit of URF1 proposal blueprints (in 10 minutes)

Please make sure that you watch this video before you move on.

If you are a bit confused and if you prefer watching the quasi-comprehensive video introductions on USL or 5UEs or USL or others, please watch them CLICK here.



A quasi-Moore´s Law: the relationship huaman capital vs. the economic growth

WHU1 is a quasi-Moore Law. Hanushek-Woessmann reports  from World Bank and OECD.

WHU1 is a quasi-Moore Law. Hanushek-Woessmann reports from World Bank and OECD.


Based on the Hanushek-Woessmann´s relationship between Math skills of students vs. the long term economic growth rates, the following HWU1 rule of thumb was prepared to help the policy makers to understand the situation much more accessible.

Moore´s law vs. HWU1 ruleof thumb

Moore´s law vs. HWU1 ruleof thumb


So, what do all these mean?

  • So, even within the first 20-25 years with USL1, the entire costs for the gravest global crises are taken care (just using the USL1 alone) and after then the profits increase exponentially.
  • This means the Post-2015, SE4All, Education For All, Debt crises, Environmental crises are all not only sufficiently funded, but to have multiple times more funded to resolve them 2, 3, 5 plus times faster than the current modus operandi of MDGs, Post 2015 & SE4All etc., all combined together … within next a few decades. After then, we have the abundant surpluses. In fact, virtually all non-geopolitical crises that can be resolved by fundings can be resolved.


USL1 can help resolve all these 5 global crises and far much more

USL1 can help resolve all these global crises and far much more


So this is like catching the entire sea of fishes with one bait! Money is useless if it concentrates to the tiny minority at the expense of the rest.

Are there back up plans? Absolutely yes. USL1 is just an appetizer with less than 20% of its full capacity. If the world show signs of fast progress toward the 5UE standards, then we can all grow together harmoniously and sustainably toward the non-material based growths and prosperities. If some countries do not respect these principles, they will be left behind and stagnate and become obsolete.

Warning: if the UN cannot recognize, then the USL1 will go all by itself as Social Enterprise, which will take too much time and wastes of energy, costing the extra tens of millions of lives, and the endless unnecessary sufferings.


Before you move on, we strongly urge you to watch this 10 minute summary of the USL data & projections followed by the tentative URF blueprints.

USL1/URF 1 introduction – Part 1 (9.5 minutes)



As you may like to see some solid evidences for the effiectiveness of the USL pilot studies...

Channel 30  (Santa Lucia Utatlan, Solola in Guatemala) news on February 23rd on Sunday, 2014 (5 minutes long) with the English subtitle (for which you need to click at the bottom of the video for Caption and choose English).

You may skip the first 40 seconds. (with the English subtitle.)

For the transcripts of this in English translation, click here.


More very short Video evidences

For the video testimonials from the principals of the elementary and middle schools  for the USL pilot studies that occurred in late February of 2014 at the same time, please check out the following page.

Now many more extensive overwhelming video evidences in support of the USL

SOME of the VIDEO TESTIMONIALS & SUPPORT EVIDENCES for USL & Dongchan Lee (to reduce the apparent skepticisms as the claims by USL is too good to be true for most people)

We strongly suggest you to at least skim through some of them to get the feel for these.


USL-5UEs-URF solutions to the challenge by the UN Secretary-General

USL-5UEs-URF solutions to the challenge by the UN Secretary-General


Part 2:

USL1´s simple solutions for the top 5 Global challenges and Crises

The patterns of the top 5 global crises & the relevant UN agencies/programs:

In our analysis – although over-generalized a bit apart from the 3 attributes from above – is practically due to the overwhelming amount of money to resolve problems. Let me give you some of the most boiling examples.

Global Crises For USL1 To Solve with governments worldwide and the UN

Global Crises For USL1 To Solve with governments worldwide and the UN

The basic USL-5UE-URF proposals are trying to resolve the most critical global crises using the stagerring economic implications of the USL series to help the world grow sustainably in balance. For more details, please read the following document.  USL Paper Series 1: Back of the Envelope Calculations to Estimate the Usl1 Contributions to Resolve Four of the Most Critical Global Crises from the Economic or Budgetary Points of Views of Governments and the UN (Jan 09, 2015)


If you combine the total costs for all these 4 crises, the total costs for the next 40-50 years roughly ~ 4x-5x of the total current annual world GDP. Even if we linearly average out these total over 40-50 years – for the sake of simplicity – the annual average costs ~ 10% of the entire GDPs of the corresponding countries (although the average sovereign debts outside EU is less).

So, no wonder governments and the UN have been sluggish to tackle these problems. What if there is a totally unorthodox solutions for all of these and beyond? There is and that is this paper focuses on.


Top Pitch Points of Usl1 for the Social Causes (PDF)



USL-5UE-URF Trio´s version 1.0 to start the global movement (starting with the various baby projects with the NGOs, governments, and the UN)

Acronyms´for USL-5UE-URF (designed to tightly collaborate with the national governments, NGOs, and the UN)

  • USL (Unified Super Learning); the average people learn math & physical science 10-20 times faster (advancing 5+ Standard Deviations or compressing 11+ years of math in 1/2-1 year for the average students without harder work or study). This has explosive economic growth implications.
  • USL1 (version 1): as people tend to be too skeptical about the USL claims, for now, we will promote only USL1 to governments and the UN. The above chart with the bar diagrams show the 65 year projections of the USL1 (URF1) alone and still staggering.
  • 5UEs (5 Unified Es: Education–>Economy–>Energy–>Environment–>Empowerment): the fundamental principle which guide the USL impacts throughout
  • UBN (Universal Basic Numeracy): that USL1´s simpler version to the least developed or less developed countries to end their innumeracy within a few years worldwide, primarily to end the extreme poverty using this. (need to work with the UNDP and the post-2015) This aims to end the extreme poverty within 5 years if the UN is willing to collaborate with.
  • UPSPM (Usl Pilot Studies for the Post-MDGs). The USL1 pilot studies to collaborate with the OECD, G20, and EU countries, hoping to implement before the Post-2015 rules are established.
  • UGNSE1 (Unified Global Network of Social Enterprises): we will try to collaborate with the governments at both local and national levels to create a Social Enterprise together to benefit both of the growths of the economy of the particating governments as well as the USL1 Social Enterprises. This is designed to provide the quasi-autonomy to the local governments and communities to thrive economically over the next decades yet to come while protecting environmentally, based on the USL1 protocols.
  • URF (Unified Redistribution Funds): The USL1-based funds based on a new international treaty led-by the UN so that we can lead the world not to the maximum profits of a small number of mega corporations, but towards the balanced and sustainable growths of non-material growths based on the circular economy decoupled from the depleting resources as much as possible and great ecosystem preservations and the rapid eliminations of the extreme poverty many times faster than the current pace of the MDGs of the UN.
  • UUNAL (Universal Usl Numeracy And Literacy): may come later if we can find the fastest literacy boosting program to partner with later on
  • U Trio (USL-5UEs-URF Trio)
  • UUNG Quartet (U trio-UN-NGOs-Governments)



Part 3: The 6 QAs with regard to USL-5UE-URF Trio approaches to resolve the top 5 most critical global crises & challenges

(5UEs corresponding to the 5 Top Crises globally)


USL1 For 5 regions & UBN proposals to the UN (3.3 minutes)

5UE for 5 regions or continents proposal (to governments & the UN): this page has the overall summary of plans for the USL1 for 5 regions and continents.


We are currently soliciting to the national news media, governments, NGOs, and the corresponding national or regional UN offices: so far, we´ll  try about a handful countries in early 2015.


USL 0.x Proposals to the governments of cities, states, and the nations around the globe

We are about to start soliciting the governments and the Minisitries of Education around the globe to run USL 0.x to pave the paths for the further collaborations and help the participating regions´ education and the local economy for the decades yet to come.


BASIC IDEAS TO BENEFIT US ALL (Nations, the UN, the people, & all living beings): if you can believe that this is possible, which we can prove through and through, then we try to establish the binding international treaty via the UN so that we can bring merits to everyone,

  • National (Governmental) Benefits: USL1 can be provided to only those countries that are willing to adhere to the 5UE principles because the gains (of the average surplus economic size of over 10 times of the entire current world economy over the next 2 generations) are far much greater than without by ignoring the USL1 & UN-led treaty. Who doesn´t want to be 10-20 times richer by the time they retire (which will be the national averages)? As you can see from near the top GDP growth difference chart near the top of this page, the differences between the green bar (due to the USL1) vs. the red bar (regular growths without USL1) are massive! We try to establish the USL as Social Enterprise which has a branch per country with its own board members with the significant autonomy so that the USL1 massively boosts each national economy holistically with the 5UE principles vertically and horizontally.
  • The UN benefits: Out of the huge surplus GDP gains, say average 10 times, about 20-30% (which is what we are proposing, but the rules of the game are up to the UN and the General Assembly decisions, etc) of the gains will be united as URF (Unified Redistribution Fund) to resolve all the global crises to our mutual prosperity and peace. 1) As such, this can be the savior of the Post-2015 over 10 times [for UNDP, UNIDO, UNDESA, etc] & 2) for the Sustainable Energy For All [SE4All] and 3) its sequels can be boosted to several times faster its goals [UNEP, UNIDO, etc]. 4) Those UN officials and NGOs that support us towards the URF1 may have their UN´s career boosts with this because we doubt that there will be other opportunities like this in our life time. (We may sound cocky, but the chances for such is virtually almost zero.) 5) Due to the heavy lifts of the URF, over the next a decade or so, the non-military budgets of the UN may double or triple their budgets most likely. NOTEThe common ground between USL-5UE and the UN.
  • NGOs, Civil Societies, and individuals Benefits: as the last one of 5UEs is Empowerment/Equality, this can bring our world to much more sustainable, equal, just world based on 100% renewable energy and the circular economy possibly in 20 years if people are willing to push or at least by 2045-2050 where there will be not just no longer the extreme poverty (for 1 out of 7-10 people of the current world population), but also poverty itself (for 1/2 people on earth) and yet all are strictly committed to preserve and protect the environment and raise the levels of human wellbeing in general. Check out: A letter for the NGOs, charity organizations, and Social Enterprises related to UN for Post-2015 & SE4All.
  • Environment & Animal lives´ benefits: by completely banning the plastic and making at least 99% recycles will save over a million sea animals alone and tens or hundreds of animals in smaller sizes and banning those that are harmful for the living organisms.


Part 4:

6 Fundamental Questions (Who, When, Where, What, How, Why) with regard to USL-5UE-URF Trio to start a peaceful, rapid global movement are summarized here.

[1] WHAT: USL (Unified Super Learning) (by making average people learn math & science 10-20 times faster and easier)

USL Pilot study results

USL Pilot study results


[2] WHY: 5UEs (5 Unified Es: Education–>Economy–>Energy–>Environment–>Empowerment) Using USL revolution as a glue – because this will create unprecedented levels of the economic growths as human capital far larger than the entire current world economic size NOT TO continue the abusive and parasitic economic growths, BUT to trigger a rapid global sustainable developments.


[3] HOW: The massive human capital boost (as its contributions will be greater than the entire current world economic size in mere 10-20 years) factors of the USL can be calibrated and scaled to be used for the balanced, ecosystem-humanity protecting, sustainable, circular, and resource-based economy because those go against the 5UEs will not gain the benefits, which is irrational because the benefits will far outweigh the costs and investments.

USL1 tries to boost the human per capita growth rate by about 2% average over the next 70-80 years or so, which can overcompensate for the rapid renewable energy over the next 25-45 years with its massive surplus contributions to the economics growth in exchange of a new international treaty led by the UN to promote the sustainable developments of the renewable energy, circular economy, environmental protection, and empowering people in many levels.

We try to make the USL series as the Social Enterprise, dealing with each country or other souvereign entities. As such, we will build each Board of Trustees and the members per country mostly and this will help the economy of each local, state, or country and potentially with the massive contribution to the sustainable economic growths.


5UEs (Unified Economy-Environment-Energy-Education-Empowerment) revolutions consist of the following steps:

1) math-science USL (that will make the average students learn math & science faster than the fastest prodigies)

2) as its massive economic growth boost contributions  will be greater than the entire current world economy in 1-2 decades (explained in 5UE papers)

3) which needs the  verifications by UNESCO (hopefully by June 2015 of the General Assembly of the UN),

4) which help drive a future UN treaty (as the UN´s MDGs end in 2015) to create URF (Unified Redistribution Funds)

5) most nations will join the worldwide sustainable & drastic reforms of the 5UEs to prosper together, to avoid becoming obsolete below average merely within 1-2 decades even for the most developed countries.

6) to resolve the entire post-MDGs (Millennium Development Goals of the UN) and SE4All (Sustainable Energy For All) of the UN far faster, cheaper than the current UN paradigms inter-governmentally, although impossible without 5UEs.

That is why you, your enterprise, your government, the UN, and the entire world should pay attention to the message and join to collaborate in 2015 as early as possible. (The summary links and video links)


[4] WHERE TO START: UPSPM (Usl Pilot Studies for the Post-MDGs) & UBM (Unified Basic Numeracy) first then to URF (Unified Redistribution Funds) 1 (in 2015) To form an international treaty via the UN so that all 5Es grow sustainably for the benefits of all. (the invitation links)

[5] WHEN: hopefully by early-mid 2015 of the UPSPM operations to impact the developments for a new UN international treaty in 2015, hopefully before the UN General Assembly of June 2015

[6] WHO :

  • U Trio (USL-5UEs-URF Trio) becoming UUNG Quartet (U trio & together with the UN-NGOs-Governments)
  • Governments around the world are welcome to initiate the national or regional collaborations for the UPSPM, which will help us to push a new interntaional treaty with the UN. (Please feel free to ask us questions with regard to our mutually beneficial collaborations in spring of 2015)
  • The most relevant UN activities and organizations: UNESCO (EFA) – UNDP (post-MDGs) – UNEP (SE4ALL) – UNIDO & UNDESA (to assist both the post-MDGs and SE4All) to fulfill these missions much more efficiently and go far beyond the current UN targets: much faster, cheaper, and peacefully


Quick References:

  1. Channel 30 News coverages of USL pilot study during the operation week (5 minutes) with more video links
  2. USL intro page (1 aggregated page with the key summaries)
  3. USL economic growth contribution factor: Hanushek videos and a few links
  4. 5UE: upcoming dozens of working papers to justify every step of 5UEs
  5. Global causes for USL to resolve
  6. USL for the global economic crisis solutions (Environmental factors are not inluded in this article)
  7. Why URF (via a new UN international treaty) is needed? Please watch the URF videos in the page.
  8. 5UE for 5 continents proposal (to governments & the UN)
  9. What does USL-URF mean to the UN and the entire world?
  10. The key to USL, 5UEs, and URF for the UN, NGOs, and governments  
  11. What to do now? Start supporting the UPSPM. (will be updated often)


Please check these information in the links and help us start a truly harmonious revolution for a much better world.

Welcome to our map of the new Unified 5Es world!

We hope to hear from you as soon as possible. Let´s start conversations. Don´t be just another victim of doubts and skepticisms of the visions summarized in this website.





APPENDIX 1: basic premises for USL-5UE-URF Trio

A bit more bullet points here: for those who are still confused a bit and would like to see some highlights in written words…

For that, we need to start the following basic premises for USL-5UE-URF Trio   

  • Basic Premise 1: USL´s full economic growth contribution capacity is too big for people to swallow (and has made almost everyone too skeptical about it). So we decided to promote only 20% of its capacity called USL 1 (USL version 1) initially, which still can trigger the human capital-based economic revolution, but to use the potential to lead us to the globally sustainable developments, all based on 5UE principles instead of abusing it for the same old, predatorial GDP growths, which have produced a lot of undesirable side effects.
  • Basic premise 2: Recognizing USL´s staggering  economic growth potentials, we need to use USL NOT as a corporation, BUT as a honey and glue to bring the world together to develop all of the Economy, Energy, Environment, Education, Equality, and all Social issues simultaneously and efficiently
  • Basic premise 3: to build USL as a Social Enterprise that consists of the Board Members as such for each country or state, NOT as a corporation for each corresponding member countries of USL so that the economic gains are fairly distributed for each USL member country while protecting all from 5UE principles. So the growth of USL in each country will boost the local, regional, and the national economy.
  • Basic premise 4: Proposals to all governments and the UN to run some initial joint pilot studies together for each participating potential member countries (hopefully in 2015 as it is the ending year of the Millennium Development Goals of the UN) to solidify the results that will lead to a new international treaty with the UN based on the USL premise to start the peaceful revolution.


But how? This is the reason of this page. Why are explained throughout this website

But How? The fundamental Premises are as follows:

  • Catch 5 birds with 1 stone, not 100 stones and fail.
  • USL1 even by using only 20% of the full capacity of USL to trigger the massive national, regional, and global human capital transformations as its contribution potential to the GDPs is still dwarf the entire world economic size without USL 1 contributions (about 5x larger in 1 generation, over 10x larger within 2 generations)
  • Prosper together by collaborating based on the 5UEs. Or perish alone competing against the rest of the world. Due to the massive economic incentives of USL-5UE-URF Trio, it is against the interest of a country or a government to act against.


Based on these simple guidelines, the basic plans go as follows:

  • Due to the staggering economic implications with the USL initiatives, all the countries and their governments – be it the least developed or the OECD, G20 countries – the governments will have the economic, from the human capital perspectives, incentives to join and prosper instead of becoming obsolete and getting behind the rest of the participating countries, over the next a decade.
  • 5UE (United 5Es: Education –> Economy –> Energy –> Environment –> Empowerment) to lay foundations for the sustainable, renewable energy-based, resource-based, and circular circular ecoomy based on the USL contribution factors to only member nations that are willing to grow themselves in exchange of the collaborative supports to the rest of the world based on the 5UE principles.)
  • URF (that we are trying to collaborate with governments to create a bindable international treaty and create URF which is Unified Redistribution Funds that boost all 5UEs together.)


APPENDIX 2: To collaborate with

The basic rule of thumb of USL1 operations

  • In 40-50 years, its economic contributions (in GDP for instance)  worldwide will bring the surplus economic size of roughly the 10 times of the current entire world economic size for the global average GDP, and much more as time goes on.
  • We use 5x-10x-30x rules for the extra surplus GDP boost to countries, over the next half a century: about 5x boosts of the developed countries´GDPs (say OECD countries or G20), about 10x for the developing countries (say BRICs), and about 30x for the least developed countries (say the Sub-Saharan African and South Asian countries)

We suggest you to get the rough ideas as to where USL projects are eventually heading with this short visual video about USL 1 & 2 (20-40% of its full capacity, implications and what we need to do to take action.).


To collaborate with:

  • to collaborate with the international enterprises, NGOs, governments, Ministries of Education/Energy/Environment/Economy, trying to collaborate with UNESCO/UNEP/UNDP correspondingly
  • to collaborate with the UN (starting with UNESCO, UNDP, UNEP, and UNIDO) as our goals can complement and supplement and may even go beyond the current modus operandi of the UN´s.
  • to collaborate with the governments from the under-developed, developed, to the OECD, BRICS, and G20 countries. This will be possible because of the 5UE´s unity principles that support one another circularly. All will sustainably prosper by enjoying the massive human capital boosts via the USL which prioritize the URF member nations that are willing to support the rapid transitions from the current predatorial economic practices to the resource-based, environmentally actively protecting, and sustainable circular economic growths.
  • to collaborate with the global enterprises that share the philosophy of the 5UEs and take action together to push the post-Millennium Development Goals to the next level with UNDP, to accelerate the SE4All (Sustainable Energy For All) with UNEP, which all start with the revolutionizing Math and Science Education programs with USL.
  • We´d like to invite you all to start the transformation, starting in spring 2015 with the UPSPM (hopefully with the UN)