A letter for the NGOs, charity organizations, and Social Enterprises related to UN for MDGs

Dear fellow global citizen with the burning hearts and minds to bring out the much better world (If you really care about our world, please read this 2 page introduction and follow the web links provided here if possible.)

Most of us know that the 0.7% donations from the 2 dozen richest countries to achieve the MDGs (Millenium Development Goals) of UN didn´t go far enough as the MDGs have suffered from not only a third of the promised budgets have been raised, but also there have been various internal problems for UPE or EFA in general. This letter is for those of us who dare try alternative paths that share the same spirits of the MDGs, but also crazy enough to go beyond the current status of the MDGs, EFA, etc.

If you are bold enough, crazy enough, and passionate enough for our world, then please read on.

I am writing this message because I have worked hard over the past 1.5 years to contribute something very radical and significant to the MDGs, especially focusing on MDG 1, 2, 3, 4 for now. With the director of UNESCO in Guatemala, we are trying to launch USL projects together, but the normal UN projects take a long time to materialize. So instead of waiting much, I decided to push the projects to various UN-related NGOs and other like-minded organizations.


As the URF will be set up to boost the economy of the developed countries first while they have to contribute 6% of their surplus economy gains to the causes of the MDGs and beyond. Since their economic gains will be roughly about 30-100 times more than their annual 6% contributions to the MDGs, etc, instead of relying on the unreliable donations of the rich countries, this will effectively transform our world massively in a very short time frame.

As yours has its very strong presence, I would like you to check out some introduction of USL (www.uslgoglobal.com ) As it is full of extreme claims, you just have to give a benefit of doubt and skim through. The fundamental premise of USL is as follows. It literally can make average people learn math and science far faster than their wildest dreams. (All the proof links are provided at the end.)


The most essential targets of USL for the entire MDGs and the post-MDGs:  

USL-3UEs-URF trio are trying to initially run global pilot studies, preferably with UNESCO,  in 2015 to establish concrete international results to push the 3UEs-URF agendas – with the strength of the pilot studies jointly run with UNESCO to the UN General Assembly this year to provide great alternative solutions that supplement or complement the traditional approaches for the MDGs. For that, the UN needs to establish an international treaty to use URF to take care of the entire MDGs, starting with MDG 1, 2, 3 to completely achieve them within a few years and to accomplish the entire MDGs in 4-8 years (at least 90% of it all) once URF takes effect, not MDG 1 by 2030 (if lucky).


The key facts:

  1. USL can make average learn math over 10 times faster than usual and often 30-50 times faster. (so far tested for grades 2 to 11, over 1,200 students, 8 schools, 2 countries)
  2. Video testimonials from the participating school principals and a town mayor in Guatemala. (http://uslgoglobal.com/blog/usl-video-testimonials/ )
  3. The economic implications are mind-numbing. Basic premise is that advancing 1 year of math is equivalent to boost the GDP of the corresponding country more or less 10 times for a typical developed rich countries, about 20 times for the developing countries, and about 30 times for the least developed countries over the rest of this century. (for this, if in doubt, please check this. http://uslgoglobal.com/blog/vast-economy-boosts-vs-math-advancement-charts/ )
  4. To minimize the skepticisms, USL is trying to simply boost 2-3 years of math out of 6 years of primary schools first within a few years or several years (which is normally not possible), and that is what we focused on with UNESCO at Guatemala past a month. To see the estimated charts based on this, please check here. (http://uslgoglobal.com/blog/vast-economy-boosts-vs-math-advancement-charts/ ) The economic revolution out of this will be at least the double of the 1 year math advancing results.
  5. What does USL-URF mean to UN and the governments? (http://uslgoglobal.com/blog/what-does-usl-urf-mean-to-the-un-and-the-entire-world/ )
  6. UPSPM (USL-UNESCO Pilot Studies for the Post-MDGs): As the skepticisms are sky-high, we decided to challenge/propose UNESCO/UN, ministries of education around the globe for a series of the online pilot studies in 5-10-15 countries that consist of 10-40,000 students from the grades 1-4 (as these are the most relevant age groups for UPE and EFA) to tackle innumeracy. (We are working on illinteracy issue, but that will be later.) The basic plans for UN´s MDGs are here. (http://uslgoglobal.com/blog/the-key-uslufaurf-operations-for-unescoungovernmentsngosphilanthropistsall/ )For this, we cannot simply wait for a local office of UNESCO, so we beseech you to help us to get connected with the various, proper international organizations to make this happen.
  7. If you would like to see a short, general introduction about USL, please click here. (http://uslgoglobal.com/blog/usl-short-comprehensive-introduction/ )
  8. If you want to see the creator of this crazy project and want to hear what he says, you can click here for half an hour. (http://uslgoglobal.com/blog/usl-video-introduction-for-the-new-people/ )
  9. The recommendations of the school principals and the mayor from the town to recommend USL to UN-UNESCO-Ministries of Education, please click here. (http://uslgoglobal.com/blog/municipal-direcotr-school-principals-recommend-usl-to-un-unesco-and-ministry-of-education/ )
  10. USL is struggling to establish as a Social Enterprise, but we need a lot of help on this. So if you can connect us to efficient SE or SI hubs, here. (http://uslgoglobal.com/blog/what-does-usl-urf-mean-to-the-un-and-the-entire-world/ )


If you managed to survive this far, thank you so much for your willingness to follow a glimpse of hope. Please browse through the links and I hope to heard from you as soon as possible.



Dongchan Lee