Another USL (Unified Sustainable Love)

Another USL (Unified Sustainable Love)


Yes, this website is based on USL (Unified Super Learning), but the other side of the coin for us is USL (Unified Sustainable Love) which has been the guiding principle for Unified Super Learning. Our world has no shortage of global crises. Each one can’t deal with them all, but each one of us can at least tries to contribute to reduce the troubles we all may need to face sooner or later collectively unless we can turn the wheel of our misguided destinies.

Unified Sustainable Love

Unified Sustainable Love

Behind most of the global crises, at least for the manmade crises, the hyper-concentrations of money and informations seem to have played the key roles to the impasses that the majority of the mankind without privileges have had to endure much more than the minority, near the top of the food chain, who enjoy their privileges.

For those of us who try to make the world better, it is our responsibilities to inform people about the perils of the hyper-concentrations of the careful selection processes of the information and the pipelines of money, which together can exert tremendous powers when politics abuses both of them.

I’d like to share with you a concise review of   documentary called ‘The End of Poverty’ by Jonathan Kim. (He is currently my favorite film critic in the USA.) As you watch the review and hopefully the documentary or even the book behind the documentary, you may realize why pushing USL (Unified Super Learning) will be one of the critical and most efficient ways to turn the global wheel of globalization to the opposite direction because otherwise we will hit the iceberg ahead of us while we pretend to be collectively ignorant of the upcoming perils.

There are many ways to end the extreme poverty in the world, but as far as I know, the cheapest – almost no cost at all compared to any solution I am aware of – and purely dependent on the grassroot efforts and mouth-to-mouth participations to minimize the global wealth gaps in their critical factors for the gaps is exactly what USL is providing.

How? Simply by making the vast majority of people learn math and physical science 10-20 times faster worldwide.

How will this change?

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THE END OF POVERTY? — ReThink Review



And Jonathan Kim’s interviewed by TYT



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© Copyright 2013 admin USL, All rights Reserved. Written For: USL1: to resolve the entire top 5 world crises (of Transition to Renewable Energy, Environment, Sovereign Debts, Population growth, and Poverty) whose total costs will be 3-8x of the current world GDP in 15-25 years using the the world´s surplus GDP induced by USL1.0 (2.5x-10x-40x in 10-20-30 yrs.) instead of collapsing with them (with the UN, gov & NGOs)