Benefits for participating in USL pilot studies here and now

Benefits for participating in USL pilot studies here and now


What are the benefits for the participating schools and students?

Q: What kind of benefits will your school get out of the pilot studies?


  • I will make a parallel documentary along with this mini pilot studies.
  • Since this will go global, the kindness-courage-collaborational spirit of your school will be shared. On the participating list of the schools, yours will show up on the top or near the top if you join a bit later.
  • This means that the documentary will be very beneficial for your school reputation because this kind of thing in education has never been done and you are the first one to trigger the new global phenomena while Americans in NYC are bogged down to their endless bureaucracies.
  • Since I will do this first in Oaxaca and Mexico, you will be the first ones to be informed and have chances to participate in the future and more extensive studies if you want, which means your students will be on the frontline in the achievements in math, physics, and chemistry.
  • On my website, your participation as a school will be on the top of the participating schools, which will be again great for PR and reputation of your school’s future.


Participation Rules and Benefits for the participants:

  • All the participating students will take each class for free once they register online by signing up on the website for participating in the pilot study.
  • Many of the participating students (and possibly their parents) may be interviewed for my video compilations before and after each pilot class. Some of their testimonials may be shared on my youtube channel or may be cut into a documentary that parallels USL.
  • Only those who have taken at least 1 chapter in 1 hour series will be eligible to take ‘1 mid-term in a movie hour series’.
  • Only those who have taken at least a series above will be eligible to take ‘1 semester in 1 week series’.
  • For each of the math series, the sequence of the series each student takes must be in the same grade level, e.g. Adam takes chapter 4 of grade 5 level, and then he takes the first midterm of math in 5th grade, and then the entire first semester of the year.
  • The participating students may be eligible to access a few other 1 chapter in 1 hour series within a certain period of time.
  • No video recording devices are allowed in each class.  .