Endangering Prosperity and how to end the danger most efficiently

Endangering Prosperity and how to end the danger most efficiently


This is a sequel to Endangering Prosperity: how Americans can lose the potential $ 38 Trillions for the next a decade unless they take action properly

The authors of the book Endangering Prosperity showed with the ample examples and analysis that the roles of the human capitals gained especially by math (and science) have tremendous changes for the social prosperity.



Image Credit: Endangering Prosperity’s video



Image Credit: Endangering Prosperity’s video


The important part of USL Go Global is that we go totally against the normal modus operandi. We don’t focus on changing the education system – especially math – in 10 r 20 years to improve a few or several %. USL Go Global focuses on achieving dozens of times better results in less than 10% of the time where normal educators and education spend in the end.


What does this mean?


Since this situation seems to difficult for most people to wrap around their mind, I will briefly summarize the current education  situations in the U.S. and most of the G20 countries as they are mostly in similar situations except perhaps Far Eastern Asian countries to a certain degree.

  1. G.W. Bush tried an education reform, believing that the math and science education boost will be directly related to the GDP boost since 1989. What happened for the past 24 years? Basically almost nothing.
  2. For Obama adminstration, as Obama took the no child left behind policy, what are the math and science boost for the past 5 years? Slightly better than before perhaps, but fundamentally the same old without major changes at all.
  3. The bottom line is that the U.S. is hardly ever likely to have major changes the way they work. (I will say the similar thing to most of the western developed countries as I have provided evidences for this on this website many times…)
  4. Even if a miracle occurs and the Sputnik in education takes roots in the U.S., still this will take a decade or two to appreciate the impacts.
  5. Although the best performing states in the U.S. in terms of math education are doing Okay, but they are still behind the level of Canada and far behind those of South Korea or Singapore, etc.
  6. So what is the best solution? As the motto of this website declares clearly, the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to bring the real transformation is stepping completely out of the box. The USL Go Global was created for that purpose. To boost the economy of all the participating countries under some specific conditions with which the 20-30% of the massive surplus gains that each participating country gains will be redistributed for the global causes such as sustainablity science/tech projects, to end the extreme poverty around the globe, to make the world much more equal within next 5-10 years before we all destroy ourselves.
  7. The details are throughout this site. So please take some time and support our efforts as much as you can. This is not just about you and I although your pockets will become much thicker as this will benefit the entire world, but now you have a choice to ignore the reality or to make some noises together.


For more details, please browse through this website.


Endangering Prosperity (Part 1 of 2)



Endangering Prosperity (Part 2 of 2)


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