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Endangering Prosperity: how Americans can lose the potential $ 38 Trillions for the next a decade unless they take action properly

The human capital is grander than anything you can possibly imagine in economy although almost everyone doesn’t realize this, and even if very few do, they don’t realize the staggering implications about the potential surplus gains and boosts not only for the economy of each country, not just for the U.S. or the G20 countries, but also for the entire globe.

PISA 25 Points gains

PISA 25 Points gains

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This post is based on Endangering Prosperity: A Global View of the American School, a book released a couple of months ago. Three authors from Harvard, Stanford, and Munich are all basically emphasizing the relationship between the math and science achievement vs. the economic growth of each country.

Some of the results are shared here.
USL Go Global goes far beyond what they are covering in the book or the Hunushek’s interview with FOX news as the USL has already proved that the average students could learn over 10+ times faster; in other words, it can eventually make average students be able to skip over 10 years of math schoolings.

Skipping 1 year to the level of Canada could bring the following surprising surplus to all the average American workers: getting extra 20% of the annual surplus income for free.




Source: America’s education endangering its future prosperity?

Now, the authors of the book amply conclude along the line of what I have been trying to show for the past several weeks in this website.
In the interview, they talk about the U.S. reaching the math level of Canada, which is about 1 year ahead of Americans’ – although they don’t talk about this correlation in terms of 1 year math gap here – and that gap is translated into the 20% more annual income for the average American workersThis is the human capital I have been emphasizing so much here. For USL Go Global, this is a mere piece of cake for USL, but G.W. Bush  tried to improve the math and science education in 1989 and failed miserably. Virtually no sigfnificant changes have been made ever since or before.
Now, if the potential surplus has the value of $77 Trillions over the next 2 decades (as professor Hanushek estimated), then let’s say we just focus on the next 1 decade alone, which has the potential surplus  of $38 Trillions. At the current rate in the U.S. Education system, as far as I can see, there is no way the U.S. will reach the Canada math level within next 1 decade. A bit of improvement perhaps, but off by a large margin. So as the U.S. tries to do what G.W. Bush tried to do in 1989 by conventionally trying to narrow the gap of math/science to the level of Canada etc – in slightly different disguises – the trillions of dollars in the education budgets were wasted and even if the U.S. had narrowed the gap by 20-30%, still the loss for the next decade alone would have been $30 Trillions as what Obama has been trying to do in education will fail mostly just like his recent fiasco for the Obamacare, the health care reform fiasco. Does this make sense to you?
For the 15 year old students, if 14 years old in average can handle the current 15 year old, by advancing 1 year of math, and if this is translated into the surplus of the 20% of the extra income to the pockets of average American workers, which is about 9-10K more in your paychecks annually if you are an American, imagine what will happen when USL Go Global programs get involved. The relationship is linear more or less.  You can guess the rest very easily.
For whatever the Department of Education or the government have been trying to do in the U.S., although this applies to most other countries as well, they will not change much any time soon. These things usually take at least a decade and easily 10-20-30 years to take shape. USL Go Global is trying to achieve the main results within a year if enough global supporters support USL Go Global.
If you can do this within a year, why do you have to wait for 10-20 years, losing the potential surplus of $30+ Trillions for the next 1 decade or $60+ Trillions for 2 decades? The loss of the surplus capital or GDP – at the current rate- over the next a decade is staggering. The loss for a decade alone will be roughly twice as big as the  annual GDP of the United States (even for just advancing math level by 1 year much). Does this make sense to you or do you want to be a part and make a major change?
Now, I have to inform you that advancing 1 year of math has the above benefits is just a warm-up exercise, a mere scratch of the surface. Did I mention that Unified Super Learning can actually make average folks advance virtually the entire 10+ years of maths altogether? If the one year gain in math advances the workers’ income by 20%, then 10 times of that is roughly 200% per year for the next 20 years, but of course this is not going to happen simply that way. Why not? USL Go Global was created to help the global community, not to feed the greed of one nation. For more, please browse USL’s human capital articles. USL Go Global will not only boost the economy of the participating countries more than anything you have ever imagined, but also it will help the redistribution of the newly gained wealth to make the world much more equal, starting by ending the global extreme poverty within 1 year, not a generation+.
The human capital is grander than anything you can possibly imagine in economy although most people don’t realize this. By treating the human capital properly, the entire world can enjoy the new Renaissance of prosperity while the less privileged third world can be pulled out of the collective misery within a few years, not 50-100 years. It is time to wake up for the new possibility for the humanity.
So, please check out the other articles in this site and please start sharing and making people know about the existence of Unified Super Learning and USL Go Global.


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