English Translation of the Channel 30 news on February 23rd on Sunday, 2014 (5 minutes long)

English Translation of the Channel 30 news on February 23rd on Sunday, 2014 (5 minutes long)

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USL (in spanish it would be…Aprendizaje Super Unificado)

Interview in Guatemala

0:55—Also, I want to tell you, that last Thursday we had in our municipality the pleasure of having a foreign visitor, Dongchan Lee, a visitor from South Korea, for a project of a new methodology for teaching mathematics.

1:10—What is your name?

Dongchan Lee from South Korea.

Good. I have not visit South Korea yet.

1:16—Tell us what organization do you represent.

1:19 – This is a personal project basically, just all for myself.

1: 23 – The name of the ´project is Unified Super Learning, USL.

1: 30 – In Spanish it is basically Unified Super Learning.

Basically it tries to make average students learn math much faster …  10, 20, 30, 40, 50 times faster than normal.


1:41—Tell us what your project is about.


The results of this project is very difficult for the majority of people to accept.

So, it is necessary for me to prove that it works to the majority of people.

1:56  So I try to run tests and accumulate a lot of data. So I run these pilot studies and so I am travelling to various places .

2:08  For instance, 4 or 5 months ago, 2 schools in Oaxaca, Mexico, participated in my pilot studies.

2:13  about 250 students from grade 7 to grade 11th.

2:21   unifying various elements of life and the universe, etc.

2:30  Ultimately, I am trying to connect everything.

For instance, typically in math operations, plus, minus, multiplication, division, exponent, parenthesis,

Left side equals right side.

2:46  equations, operations, everything …

2:50  but in equations, for instance …

To calculate very fast and very easy… 30, 40, 50 times faster …

2:59—With regard to this topic, students expressed their opinions:

3:03—The USL project is 50 times faster

3:06—The USL project is 50 times faster from the moment it is taught

3:11—The USL project gives us the ability to learn thirty times more, of what, at least, we are taught in 1 month normally.. we learned it in 40 minutes (in USL pilot study).

3:21—USL serves us to learn very fast. For example, he has taught us in 1 hour what our teachers have in, let’s say, about 1 year, and thanks to him, we learned faster.

3:34—My name is Alicia Godoy, I am studying in the Colegio Evangélico Integral El Mesías (Integral Evangelical School The Messiah), I am in the Second Grade of the middle school. The program of USL was very fun; it was a very beautiful experience where we learned to deal with mathematics in a faster way. He gave us examples and if we could not understand, he would explain back and help us to learn mathematics easier. In my case, I advanced in 35-40% faster because of his fun way to explain everything and I give thank s for all he did for us since he came to help us a lot.

4:11—(in chorus) “Let’s support USL go global”

4:15—In addition, the directors of various educational establishments have given their views:

4:20—We are, by this means, greeting for all the people of Santa Lucia of Utatlán, and it is specifically to give my impression about the program that has brought to us, in this opportunity, by Dongchan Lee of South Korea. It is a project in which he intends to teach techniques to our students for  learning, mainly, of mathematics. But as he says, you can also do it with chemistry, biology….  however, we believe that this project and this kind of teaching are very important for our students.

5:04—He’s talking that by having the basic knowledge of mathematics, the existence of extreme poverty could be minimized—and this is very shocking! Sometimes, then, we have the power to excel but unfortunately we haven’t (yet) taken advantage of science, mathematics… to be able to do so.

5:26—We are touching the subject of Mathematics , which is undoubtedly one of the very important subjects for the education of children and young people who are being educated today. The process itself measures the intellectual ability of children concerning the subject of mathematics

5:49 Thank you for communicating with us through text messages…(end of program)