for the initial investors of the USL math for the grade 1-4 in elementary school

Double Speed Math series

Key points for the initial investors for USL math for the grade 1-4 in elementary school



This is for the first groups of investors. The investment from each may vary between $100K to $2-3 Millions of USD.

Intially, we will focus on our services only online till we get much more finance to produce the physical products as well later on.

The services will be timed and the users will not have half a year or a year access to the services. As of now, my plan is to provide the services for each users less than for a few weeks for each services although this plan may be of subject to change. This is possible because learning is very fast.


  1. For the initial releases of the USL math education products, we will reléase only the grade 2 to 4 or 5 math education materials. So the initial investors will have relevance for only the elementary school grade 1 to 4 math.
  2. After seeing the initial elementary grade 1 to 4 math products are successful, we will release grade 5 and 6 math programs later with the grade 1 to 4 materials used as prerequisites.
  3. For the education materials of the elementary school grades 5-6 and the middle school (grade 7 to 9) as well as the high school math (grade 10 to 12), the materials will vary more depending on the countries and special regions of each country or schools, etc. So we will release them after testing the first round and for this, much more extensive investments will be necessary as the levels of investments will be much more global and need much more financing later on.
  4. So are the products for middle and high school Physics, Chemstry, or college level math, physics, or chemistry. As of now, we plan to release them not within the first  a few years at least because the access to these materials will have the necessary prerequisites to master the maths before these materials.


Rough estimates/analysis of the costs and revenues for the first grade 1 – 4 USL math products:



1)      ROI changes depending on the levels of investment amount. The equity levels are not a fixed %, but logarithmic functions. If your investment is about 1 million USD, then you are most likely to get the equity value reaches 5 to 8 times of your investments within several years. For instance, after several years, if DSM series reach the revenues of 100 million usd, your return will be more or less 10%, which is about 10 million usd, but if the revenue reaches 500 million usd, for instance, your equity level may be about 15 million usd instead of 50 million usd.

2)      Again, this part is subject to negotiations later. Please contact us for more detail.


Extra Note:

As USL will not be a corporation, but a social enterprise, its profits will be mainly distributed to help the global causes. The investors will, however, gain more than what normal investors gain in normal education investment or any other type of investment.

Our current plan is to give out 50-90% of the revenues to help the global causes as indicated in the website of USL Go Global once the revenues start reaching over $40 Million per year. Up till then, most of the profits will go straight to the global marketing campaigns.


Thank you for your consideration.



Dongchan Lee




USL TV coverages
 for the past a month: 3 TV stations, 6+ coverages in Guatemala.  has 5 of them and the first one was translated to English from Spanish. (It needs caption at the bottom of the video to see the translation.)

Although I suspended the 1 Chapter in 1 Hour series for now lately and will focus only on the math for the elementary school from the grade 1 to 4 for the first groups of investors, the basic idea from the message for investors I put last fall in still valid. So, the following link is valid as well.

For the economic implications of USL Go Global,