Fundamental Premises of ‘USL Go Global’

This is the first part of the series of introduction to USL Go Global Campaign.

  1. Fundamental Premises of ‘USL Go Global’

  2. The global causes that USL Go Global focuses to resolve

  3. The main beneficiaries of USL Go Global


Fundamental Premises of ‘USL Go Global’ can be summarized as follows:

Overall USL Go Global strategy is broken into 3 stages from now on as the 0-th step is partially achieved already:

  1. Boosting Human Capital
  2. Boosting Economy
  3. Transform the world with URF.



For more detailed info, see the blueprints of USL.


  1. BASIS (Stage 0): ‘USL Go Global’ is built on the strength of its successful pilots study results, which we will keep on building up till the world can’t ignore its effectiveness and impact any more. [the initial proofs for the effectiveness of USL is largely achieved based on pilot studies consisting of 260+ students from K7-11, and we are trying to work on pilot studies where over thousands of students can participate from K1-10 first, then K11-12, followed by college levels]
  2. BOOSTING HUMAN CAPITALS (Stage 1): Because it boosts the learning capability of math and science for average students so much, so fast, and so easily that it will forward-boost the human capitals of any state or country that embrace USL.
  3. BOOSTING ECONOMY(Stage 2): then, this boosted human capitals will boost forward the participating countries’ national economies accordingly – in multi-trillions of dollars globally – in exchange to spend a good part (which will be in trillions of dollars within few years) of the huge economic surplus they gain, which I call it as ‘USL Redistribution Fund (URF)’ to resolve the critical causes that mankind has to face and overcome as soon as possible.
  4. USL Redistribution Fund (URF)(Stage 3): I am pushing this because to solve the real big issues, billions of dollars can’t do too much any more, but if we can alocate the URM to about 5 main causes, e.g. URM of $1 Trillions redistributed globally for $200 Billions for each cause in average, can really achieve what the world is really needs desperately. We have seen enough of the empty talks and the broken promises. Now is the time for real action and for this we need to raise money for the collective cause. And I am convinced that USL Go Global can make this happen.


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