Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Girls [INFOGRAPHIC]

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Girls [INFOGRAPHIC]


The investment on girls’ education has various ways to show its return myriad and very beneficial ways. I borrowed the following data from Education for All website. As our approaches to speed up most of the mathematical STEM subjects in massive scale have the deep socio-economically beneficial outcomes and will inevitably provide benefits those who have been a big lagging in these subjects, especially women (compared to men) and the various ethnic groups the most compared to the others relatively.


Educating girls has benefits not just for themselves but also for their families, communities and countries. With a quality education, girls can help improve their country’s social and economic well-being.

The Global Partnership for Education works to ensure that more girls get into school and receive a quality education.  Our 2012 Results for Learning Report shows that 68% of girls in GPE countries now finish primary school, compared to 56% in 2002 and 18 GPE partner countries now have as many girls as boys completing primary school.

We ask you to please share this infographic (or these postcard versions) with your friends, family and colleagues to remind them that educating girls makes them healthy, wealthy and is also a wise investment.

Educating Girls Makes Them Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

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