We need your supports

USL 0.5 and 1.0 need your supports.

As our goals are extraordinary high, we can’t reach our goals all for ourselves.

Since the education is the most powerful weapon in the modern world and especially the math education has the most powerful impacts in the economic growth rates – which impacts the population growths more than anything else – we try to use the very special features of this to utilize USL 1.0 to rapidly reduce the top 5 global crises, which otherwise have very slim chances to overcome for the next a few decades at least.


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To prove that USL approaches work, we have run various pilot studies in 2013-2014 and we try to push the first version of USL 1.0 to the global stage in 2015.

We have collected the 3-fold evidences; tests, surveys, and the video testimonials or evidences.

The evidences alone, however, cannot lead us to the massive global transformations during the next 5-10 years.


So we need your supports of all kinds.


For now, USL will not continue pilot studies any longer. Our current focus is the publicities nationally and globally and to collaborate with UN, especially UNESCO. This site provides the ample evidences that USL simply works. There are hundreds of Let´s Support USL. USL Go Global participated school principals, students, teachers, and other school officials.

Instead of wasting for doing more and more data collections, we therefore have the following priorities.


Our top priorities right now are:

  1. Need major hubs to connect us to UN, UNDESA, UNEP, UNDP, UNESCO, TED Talks, Philanthropists, UNICEF, or  Social Enterprise hubs to help the poorest nations and the starvation to deaths as early as possible.
  2. Collaborations with various national and state governments
  3. Massive publicities (Don’t forget that we are doing this for the world, not motivated by money.)
  4. Finding angel investors (if for Venture Capitalists, the spirits should be like those of angel investors’…)


Please comment, like, share the results from USL pilot studies with every student and parents who have to deal with education as well as with whoever may gain benefits from Unified Super Learning.

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