How is the pilot study going to run at your school?

Question: How is the pilot study going to run at your school?

So I will briefly summarize my proposal for the USL pilot studies between K4-10th graders (Primeria: 4-6th, Secundaria: 7-9th, Preparatoria: 10th)

The following is the basic idea.

  • The original idea for what I do is to prove that my program can make students learn math, physics and chemistry 10-20 times faster than usual…. or even faster, but to run this for the entire 12 years of math in half a year to 1 year  is very time consuming and overwhelming. So, I decided to run short versions. The plan goes as follow.
  • The first is ‘1 Chapter in 1 Hour’ series: depending on textbooks, each chapter takes about 3-4 weeks to cover for most students, teachers, and textbooks. So what I propose is that in just about 1 hour (due to communicating in Spanish it can possibly take 1.5 hours as well) to finish the whole lecture for 1 chapter.
  • All I need to prove is that I can cover each chapter in about 1 hour of lectures and my students take tests in a few days, and my students still can perform equally or better than the normal students who go through the regular textbook, regular teachers, regular curricular, etc.


The basic structure of the USL pilot studies:

  • Each class may be taken in the computer lab of your school. (If you have a good internet connection at school, then we can run the video lecture online. If you have a poor capacity to accommodate dozens of students for online class, then the lecture video will be played locally at your computer lab.)
  • All the tests, homeworks, and surveys (or assessments) are taken online in the designated website I am currently about to complete by August 25th, 2013.
  • Each participating student take a sample test right before the pilot study class and a few days after.
  • After each class or tests, there will be a short survey immediately after.
  • Similar kind of tests may run for the traditional class as well.
  • Later, the results are compared and each pilot study is complete…
  • I may do some video interviews with some of participating students and their parents as a parallel video documentary will be made along with this pilot study.
  • The results of each homeworks and the tests will be graded immediately as they are done online graded and calculated by machines.