In response to people who keep on comparing USL to Khan Academy

In response to people who keep on comparing USL to Khan Academy

The best easy collection of the Pythagorean Theorem Proofs | Unified Super Learning Promo Video


First of all, I would like to apologize to those who may be cult followers of the Khan-style teaching for math and science because some of you may feel offended as it seems to have a cult-like following.

I understand that many of you – if not almost all of you – love Khan Academy and some are even religiously enthusiastic about it. I didn’t create my videos for case studies just to irritate you. Instead, I create them to illustrate – side by side – how different and efficient USL is compared to virtually almost all traditional ways of teaching mathematics. In this case, I used Khan Academy for the comparison as many traditionalists may consider Khan’s approach even revolutionary while I consider Khan’s is nothing more than the traditional approach ornamented with the modern video and internet technology.

Essentially, Khan’s is not different from almost all the traditional ways of teaching math or science as far as I know.


For a better image, please click HERE on the image.

Please try to follow the order of the sequence as the later proofs are harder than the earlier ones, and make sure you check out at least one or two of Khan’s proof on Pythagorean theorem to see the big differences between his and USL’s.


NOTE: when I recorded the videos, I used a poor microphone and the sound is a bit muffled and I have head some complaints that it is a bit too fast. So I will rerecord the 7 proofs some time soon with a better mic and slow down like 20-30% so that everyone get it. Don’t forget that each video will be still less than 1 minute 20 seconds.

Unified Super Learning’s Pythagorean Theorem proofs series is below. (It is on a playlist. So just turn it on and follow.)

If you want to view the entire playlist in a sequence, follow this link:


To appreciate more of what I am trying to do with USL as opposed to the rest of the education establishments – although here, I use only Khan Academy as an example as it is the best known supposedly revolutionary compared to the educational establishments.

Please pay attention to the categories I summarized above and if you will, you may enjoy torturing yourself with the stuff that gobbles up your time and patience with how the typical math education feels like.


4 of the Khan’s Pythagorean Theorem proofs are here:


Here, I will share just one of the 4 of the Pythagorean Theorem Proofs by Khan here.



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