Investors needed for UPSPM and UFA

Investors needed for UPSPM and UFA


Currently we are seeking angel investors, seed financers, philanthropists, and charity organizations to one of the tiers of USL/UFA/(as URF is not ready yet).


1) For UPSPM, we may try the USA and South Korea first followed by 10-15 other countries to run the online pilot studies with UNESCO for USL. Possible costs for each country may be 0.5-2 millions of USD per country.


This is the most urgent ones we are focusing on so that we can get enough data before the UN General Assembly of this year.



2) The UFA mobile to UN, UNESCO, and various governments

This is a long term project, but the finance we will need eventually and we try to seek financers as early as possible if we can.

UFA is what we try to operate while we wait for the various developments with UNESCO and UN. It focuses primarily on UPE (Universal Primary Education: MDG 2) and EFA (Education For All from UNESCO)


To build the green energy-centric infrastructures to the 50 least developed countries, we will need 2-3 Billions usd (during about 2 years) first to build the infrastructure. USL will provide the contents of the very efficient education online.

  • Chinese for solar panel contracts (0.5-1 Billion Dollar business)
  • Indian for micro grid networks (0.2-1 Billion dollar business)
  • Korean for internet services and developments of USL and URF and UFA (over a Billion dollar operations)
  • Global math assessment tests organized by Koreans (0.1 Billion dollar operations)
  • To create bus delivery hubs for each continent (totaling half a billion usd)
  • USA for delivering the old, retired school buses (10s or 100s of millions of dollar operations)
  • EU or Arab countries to bring their buses to Africa (10s or 100s of millions of dollar operations)
  • Brazil to bring their retired buses (10s or 100s of millions of dollar operations)
  • Russia to bring their buses to Eastern Europe and central asia (10s or 100s of millions of dollar operations)


Currently this UFA mobile is a development stage

We will try to finance USL as a Social Enterprise of course to invite various global investors to operate 3-5 Billions of usd enterprise during 2 years. All these continents will be involved.

First, we will try to raise the 5-10 million usd seed financing while we wait to get various approvals from UNESCO and UN.

We will bring all these international companies to provide over 50 millions of primary kids from the 50 poorest countries, who cannot attend schools by normal means, to attend an alternative usl/urf learning operations. They run 100 percent online in these poorest 50 countries, mostly in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Since we will make contracts with all the poorest countries will make specific inter-governmental contracts (till URF becomes materialized in a full-blown scale) in such a way that NGOs and UN partners, etc, will get their investments back while transforming the entire world in 5 years not 100 years to lift over 50 millions of poorest students out of the extreme poverty.


At first if UFA mobile take much longer than I hope to operate at the UN level, we will deal with each country. Each operation per each country will cost about 50 -60 Million usd annually.


At the same time, we will make sure to create buzzes around the globe because it will be impossible for UN not to assist eventually once we start collaborating with a few governments with uncanny success stories.


3) URF

Once UN starts paying attention, then we will try to use the data from UPSPM to propose URF international treaty to UN General Assembly.