Inviting UN and UNESCO to USL

Dear UN/UNESCO officers:



My name is Dongchan Lee, the creator of a very unique – or most think it is totally impossibly crazy – program called USL (Unified Super Learning) which was designed to revolutionize the global educational system as well as to help end or to significantly reduce the most critical global crises much faster and effectively than all other global efforts combined together (especially to end the extreme poverty of 1.1 billions and over half a billions who never had the primary school education) within 5 years once UN/UNESCO start collaborating with USL. This is not supposed to be possible. So please be open-minded as all the key evidences are in the links. Please forgive me sending you this lengthy email.

Please read this first.

How fast URF can accomplish the entire EFA and MDGs once the UN establish the international treaty for URF?


UPSPM to UN General Assembly

UPSPM to UN General Assembly

 The core basic premise of USL is to make the average students learn 12 years of math within 1 year with the better mastery, at least 3 times faster than the fastest math prodigies in the entire world. And this will be followed by physics and chemistry. For the evidences and their summaries, please click here.


The human capital potential of USL (URF), if at least 30% of the 30 richest countries participate, which  USL will generate will be larger than the economy sizes of the richest countries. USL tries to create the massive scale global funds of trillions of dollars called URF to end the most serious global crises and to promote what the humanity needs the most.

Currently the USL´s operation strategy is broken into 3 main stages:

the operation levels of 1) millions of usd, 2) billions of usd, 3) trillions of usd.


Although we have been preparing directly for only the level 1 operations, we strive to prepare for the level 2 with  near future in mind.


For the stage 1 examples, we are proposing 2 projects (although normally these may cost at least multi-billions of USD), which need tens of millions of dollars to make this work in Guatemala, to resolve 4 of the most difficult problems the country has faced for many decades. They are …


UFA mobile project proposal for Guatemala

UFA mobile project proposal for Guatemala


1)      To end the extreme poverty for the population of about 10% (1.5 millions of people)

2)      To educate people of 10% who have never studied in primary schools (another about 1.5 millions of people.)

3)      To provide the electricity to those who have no access (about 10-15% of the population)

4)      To make people literate as the country has illiteracy of about 30% about 60 of whom are from the indigenous people.For the children, the illiteracy seem to be about 15% or so.


Although this was for Guatemala, the general principles are very scalable. If you are operating in a poor country and the government and the ministry of education don´t have the money to operate multi-billion dollar operations, and if only 5-10% of the costs that normally take can eliminate the key problems in your country, what will you do? Ignore this because it is impossible or try to check it out and if this makes sense.


What is USL trying to do with these level 1 operations?


1)      We are trying to push these to demonstrate the potential power of USL projects.

2)      These projects are easily scalable

3)      These may contribute to the future projects of UN and UNESCO immensely, especially the post-MDGs 2015.

4)      Furthermore, as much as our ideas are crazily unconventional and the global impacts may well be billions of USD in a few years and trillions within half a decade or so

5)      This can easily provide to help obtaining double or triple of the current annual budgets of UNESCO and UN in near future if we can properly collaborate early enough.

6)      We strongly feel that these projects may contribute to great career advancements to all the participating UN/UNESCO officers as they will play the key roles to the future of UN and UNESCO.


I know that these sound crazy, but so were the creators of electricity, radio, airplane, pc, internet before they came to be real.

I am still in Guatemala, but as these projects are scalable, I would like to discuss the possibilities of collaborations from the people in other countries as well because these may help the world very much in short time.

So please view the following video links for the evidences  and I hope you to join us to bring the true revolution for the new insightful education, sustainable prosperity, and a new Renaissance in the history of humanity very soon.


Thank you for your patience for reading this lengthy message.

Dongchan Lee