Letter to potential USL supporter

Dear potential collaborator of USL to bring miracles to our world:


I am contacting you for some ideas that most people find hard to believe if not simply impossible. You may find them hard to believe as well, but if you can give a bit of benefit of doubt, you may find some profound possibilities arising in front of you. All my assertions are based on the results from the previous USL pilot studies, not from idle daydreams.

The entirety of the USLvision is rather complex. So I will simply provide the main highlights so that if the social movement for USL can be  executed properly for the next several years with your helping hand, there will be profound changes. It all starts with a revolutionary new form of education which will massively boost the human capital and thereby revolutionize our world profoundly within next 5 years first, and then it will continue on for the next decades. The true consequences are unfathomable as of now.


The starting point is USL (Unified Super Learning) which will make the average people/students learn math 5-10-15 times faster than the most gifted math learners in the world (as USL seems to speed up 10 to 50 times faster in making the normal students in learning based on USL pilot studies) To be safe, I normally say that the average can lean 10-20 times faster. What does this mean? Instead of the 12 years of the regular math education before graduating from high schools, the average students will need 0.5-1 year to learn them completely with the equal or better competence in math. Although I have been pursuing USL pilot studies only for math, if it is accepted globally, I will release the physics and chemistry series as well in a year or two. The results of pilot studies have been published on www.uslgoglobal.com with the press coverage of http://uslgoglobal.com/blog/usl-press/


I know that you find it impossible to believe the claims. So for now, please give the benefit of doubts and read on. Suppose that 10-20 times faster is a mistake. Suppose only 3-4 times faster than normal. The most gifted math prodigies still spend 4 -6 years instead of 12 years, which means that the average students can still learn faster than the most gifted math prodigies in the world.


Q: what has USL achieved so far?
It is 1 year old. Its pilot studies are 5 months old. So far, the participations have been, as of the first week of March, 2014, …

  • 2 countries
  • 3 towns/village
  • 8 schools
  • over 1,000 students
  • 4 news coverage in 2 TV channels of Guatemala.


Having said so, I will simply provide some bullet point summary. The key point is the massive boost of human capital. The basic blueprint is as follows:

  1. the average people learn math 10-20 times faster and science about 10 times faster at least up to high school levels.
  2. Economic consequences: This will increase the global human capital massively. According to various education economists, the advancement of 1 year math for the 9 or 10th graders in the usa may mean 1-2 Trillions of GDP boost of Americans and the average workers in the usa may earn about 20% of the wage boost for the next 20-30 years.
  3. If more than 11 years of math are  advanced, that means the human capital value of that is more than the entire USA economy for the next a few decades.
  4. What does this mean to the rest of the world? For most of the developed countries, similar advancements are expected. For the less developed countries or poor countries, the progress may be staggering because the wage between the USA and the poorest countries on earth is about 100 times.
  5. I am trying to use this revolutionary educational tool to make the world to grow together instead of perpetuating and witnessing the staggering inhumane economic gaps that have plagued the mankind for a long enough time.

The main goals of USL: the 3 Es: Education, Economy, and Environment: it will help the lagging economy of the already rich countries on conditions that they will commit 20-30% of newly gained economic boost to help the global causes to help the world. For this strict international treaty needs to be established to benefit every nation on earth. Some of the shorter term goals are….

  1. End the extreme poverty (within 1 year)
  2. End the starvation to death of the very poor countries within a few years completely.
  3. Reduce the gender gaps in math and physical science (note that the average SAT Math scores haven’t been narrowed at all contrary to the popular belief.)
  4. Reduce the ethnic gaps in math and science.
  5. Resolve the epidemically spreading student loan debt crises.
  6. Massive protection of the environmental issues.
  7. Support various sustainability causes around the globe.
  8. In the meanwhile, boost the local or regional crises around the globe.
  9. The gains due to usl will be used exclusively for humanitarian causes with the zero supports for the military or police forces.
  10. There are many more, but you can check out the website for the rest.


Q: the general help/support I need from you?
The large parts of the USL humanitarian causes are aligned with the UN Millennium project. So I hope that you can connect me with the UN, UNESCO, the departments of education in various countries, especially in the USA.


Q: what can people expect out of this?
So far, I have experienced the extreme skepticism from most people. So for the first versions, I will make each country advance only 1 or 2 years out of 12 years. By doing so, USA and EU will be able to boost their stagnating economy while helping the rest of the poor countries.


Q: what am I trying to achieve in the first 1 year or 2?
I want to collaborate with UN and World Bank to end the extreme poverty within 1 year while helping the economy of all participating countries ad this should be a global project.


Thank you very much for your time. I wish to hear from you soon.




Dongchan Lee

Email: dongchan_lee1@yahoo.com

Website: www.uslgoglobal.com