Mission Statements Of USL

What is USL (Unified Super Learning) really after? To peacefully and effectively transform the world like never before (perhaps except internet). 🙂


The basic idea of USL: for now, let’s suppose USL can make people super-fast as it claims. (You can check the pilot study results – based on about 250 students (K7th-11th grades) who participated – if you want.) By making people learn math and sciences 1,000%~2,000% faster in a very systematic and strategic ways, which will massively enhance the human capital in economic sense. The values of human capitals are what are going to trigger the massive revolution, starting with the math (proven)/science education (easy to prove ) first, the the education in general (hypothetical currently), and then this will catch the wild fire around the globe in almost possibly unimaginable manner.


Unified Super Learning (USL) is not going to be a corporation.

I am currently trying to create a Social Enterpreneurship entity instead of non-profit organization when a good team is assembled based on the strenth of USL pilot study results. Since what USL is going to do in the global education is like going straight to jet plane era from bicycle era, skipping cars, buses, propeller planes, and helicopters altogether. As such, I am trying to use this upper hand to liberate the under-developed countries and communities.


USL is a Social Innovation (SI) and Social Enterprise (SE).

Social innovation (SI) can be defined as a novel solution to social problems that are more effective, efficient, sustainable than the currently existing solutions. These solutions are focused primarily on contributing to society as a whole.

Social entrepreneurship (SE) is about innovative, market-oriented approaches driven by will for social equity and environmental sustainability. Ultimately, social entrepreneurship aims at transformational systems of change in order to tackle the root causes of poverty, marginalization, environmental deterioration, and accompanying loss of human dignity


We plan to raise large sum of money from the rich countries – say G20-30-40 countries – mostly and then help the poorest 20-30-60 counries over the next 5-10 years instead of waiting for 50-100+ years.


So Unified Super Learning is a Social Enterprise endeavor.

We will make most people learn multiple times faster than the top 10-20-30-100 fastest learning child prodigies of math and physics, etc. With that efficiency, we are to help the world transform in a massive speed and scale. Our profits will mostly from the rich countries to help the poor communities, especially the poorest 30-50 countries in the entire world among many goals we will try to achieve.

(NOTE: you can check out the results of the first pilot studies data here where over 250 students from K7-11 participated for tests and surveys.)


Our sketchy objectives  …:

  1. to reduce the gender gaps in the global societies
  2. to liberate 5,000 – 8,000 hours in your lives, which is basically about 3-5 years of your full-time job hours. (Imagine that you could have 3-5 years of extra full-time job hours in your life.) Imagine this goes global.
  3. It will transform the entire world to much freer, more  indpendent, collaboration-based, enlightened and creative and humanitarian world.


Imagine what kind of massive impacts this will have to you and everyone around you? USL is nothing short of revolutionary.


Normally, if a new pharmaceutocial drugs improves its effectiveness by 10-20% gains, then it is big success. How often do you see the educational improvements, especially in math and science, of 10%? Very rare, isn’t it although various online learning tend to speed up 20-30% once a while.





Can you believe that USL makes people learn these subjects not 10-20% faster, but 1,000% ~ 2,000% faster for average people? There is no exaggeration here. If I am not sure that I can bring the results, I would have never bothered to push this project for the world.




By uniting the Math, Physics, and Chemistry, based on perennial and philosophically unifying visions, USL is meant to revolutionize the education of Math, Physics, and Chemistry in our world .


The series aim to make students learn 10-20 times faster than normal. Yes, but that is only the beginning. (Don’t forget that time is everything. You may literally save a few years of your youth with USL.)

I am creating these series with hope for the following:  USL tries …

  1. to end the entire college loan debts of the USA, which pushed over 1 Trillion Dollars since mid-2012. (This part is just a show case to prove the point so that USL can tackle much more ambitious projects globally.
  2. to narrow the educational gaps between the rich and the poor wherever they are from.
  3. to raise the awareness of the spiritual side of math and mathematical science.
  4. to narrow the gender gaps in math, science, and engineering.
  5. to narrow the huge gaps among the nations, continents, and ethnicities.
  6. to give the opportunity for people to be independent because of the way it helps people think structurally
  7. to give the opportunity for people to unleash their artistic creativity with all the time freed up, satisfying Ken Robinson’s 3 requirements for education
  8. to help revolutionize the education. Not interested in some little reforms
  9. to create new generations of Renaissance men and women
  10. to make you have the additional and free 5 years of the full-time job hours in your life, what will you do with the extra 5 years in your life? That’s more like extra 8,000+ hours of your life.
  11. As far as I know, one of the most efficient and practical ways to drastically reduce most of the national debts of most countries within 3-5 years.


How will USL start to reach the goals?

  • USL pilot studies will continue on collaborating with schools around the globe to establish its effectiveness to prove that USL actually delivers results super-fast.
  • SAFM (Superfast Afterschool Free Math): providing various online group afterschool classes which will run as parts of the pilot study endeavors. (The details for the operations of SAFM may change as time elapses as I will focus more on USL pilot studies from now on.)
  • Once we know that we have enough audiences, then we will start releasing the first versions incrementally. We will never release our products till the demands of audiences become palpable. USL is either for the entire world and we won’t pursue this global social enterpreneurship for small gains for some simply at the grassroot levels.
  • So in the early stages, we will focus mostly on the marketing. I mean 90% of our efforts will be on the marketing at the grassroot levels. This is where we need your supports the most.


 Can this be done?

Yes, but we need to spread the awareness of this effort to students and their parents around the world as USL should start with you or people around you.

So please browse through the introduction videos and articles here.


For the philosophy of USL in summary to get much more comprehensive picture of USL Go global, please visit:



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Although our goals are high, we can’t reach our goals all for ourselves. So we need your supports of all kinds.


Our top priorities right now are:

  1. As we will start a crowdfunding in November of 2013, we need as much support as possible if you can afford.
  2. Finding angel investors (if for Venture Capitalists, the spirits should be like those of angel investors’…)
  3. Massive publicities (Don’t forget that we are doing this for the world, not motivate by money.)
  4. Need major hubs to connect us to UN, UNESCO, UNICEF to help the poorest nations as early as possible.
  5. Celebrity connections from around the globe wherever you are so that we can accelerate our missions to transform our world more quickly and swiftly.



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