Television coverages of USL

Since the inception of USL in February 2013, it has been a while for USL to catch attentions, but finally its time seems to have arrived.

Let us start with the first televion coverage of USL.

The following videos are from a local television station in Guatemala.


Channel 30 news on February 23rd on Sunday, 2014 (5 minutes long) with the English subtitle (for which you need to click at the bottom of the video for Caption and choose English).

You may skip the first 40 seconds. (with the English subtitle.)



Channel 30 coverage on February 24th on Saturday evening exclusive (23 minutes)


Channel 30 interview with Dongchan Lee on March 1st on Saturday evening exclusive (10 minutes)


Channel 5 (Solola, Guatemala) exclusive interview with Dongchan Lee on March 4th exclusive

My 1 hour interview with the Channel 5 of Solola took place on March 4th, 2014, from 8 till 9 PM in Guatemala local time. The interview, unfortunately, was not recorded as the recording engineer was missing.

So, the Channel 5 team decided to make a shortcut version of our video for about 5 minutes afterwards so that I can share on USL youtube channel and USL Go Global website. So this is a shortcut aftermath with my interviewer, Senor Cesar.


Channel 30 news on March 23rd on Sunday, 2014 (5 minutes long) 

This was the fourth coverage of USL on the channel 30 from Santa Lucia Utatlan where the first coverage was exactly 1 month before. In this video, the the municipal director of Santa Lucia Utatlan recommends USL to UN, UNESCO, and the ministry of education.

More TV coverages coming this week.

We are currently working on national TV coverages as well as the international TV coverages. If you would like to share the efforts with of USL team with the rest of the world, please invite various media outlets to USL for coverages or interviews.


A few hundreds of elementary school students from Ruben Dario chanting for USL Go Global

They are chanting Lets support USL. USL Go Global.


Lets support USL series: Colegio Evangelica en Mesia (middle school) chanting Let us support USL. USL Go Global.



About 400 hundreds of Fernando Salomon middle school students are chanting for USL Go Global

They are chanting Lets support USL. USL Go Global. Let us support USL for UN. Let us support for UNESCO:


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