Video testimonials of the school principals and a mayor of a municipal on USL

Video testimonials of the school principals and the head of the municipal of Santa Lucia Utatlan on USL


Adrian Carmen Cochoy Yac, the mayor of the municipal of Santa Lucia Utatlan, recommending USL to UN, UNESCO, and the ministry of education 


In the following section, the school principals (1 elementary, 2 middle schools, and 1 high school) of Santa Lucia Utatlan expressed the very satisfactory results from the USL pilot studies done during the same week in later part of February in 2014. During roughly 1 week pilot studies, 4 schools and about 850 students participated for the USL pilot studies at the same time. There were many hiccups, enough unexpected troubles or obstructions.

These principals particularly focus their discussions on 6-8 main difficulties that Dongchan and USL pilot study programs had during the pilot week and yet he overcame them very successfully. So here are the video testimonials collected after about 1 month after the pilot study week.


The principal, Elsa Cochoy, from Colegio Evangelico el Mesias middle school:

Part 1: The principal, Elsa Cochoy, from Colegio Evangelico el Mesias middle school assesses USL and recommends it to UN and UNESCO.

The translated transcript of Part 1 of Elsa Cohoy:


Nice to meet you. I am Elsa Cochoy, the Director of the colegio evangélico  integral del mesías (evangelical comprehensive school of the messiah) with the slogan of excellent education we have for God, .. and we have had the opportunity to work with Dongchan Lee. He was extra-ordinary, and I say this because I observed the students, they expressed enthusiasm to participate with him, Number 1.  Number 2,..  the demonstration of learning (with USL) they learn 30, 40, or even some said up to 50 times faster (with USL) than with the methodology that we use. The other is that somehow the difference between how they can better optimize the time and perhaps scored (with USL) and maybe not get the job in a shorter time than the time that we invest (with the normal eduation).

It is a quick way as to how they work. And how many are convinced and try and learn and believe that they (can) learn (with USL). The other is that somehow the Difference between how they can better optimize the time and perhaps scored. and maybe not get the job in a shorter time than the time that we invest. It is a quick way of how they work, and how many (students) are convinced and try and learn and believe that if they (can) learn.


So he brought us a very large, long term project, USL, a very good driver[motivator]. I think they(students) need to detect [realize], first, to use mathematics not as content, but as something meaningful for learning that prepares them for life. And when he[Dongchan] talks about … how mathematics can have, strengthen … self-sustain their lives as students, and the life of the institution, and perhaps (even) life of an entire community.

So we are very satisfied and we are fully prepared to be able to continue making an alliance with this pilot project … to strengthen and move forward so that, for us, is a great satisfaction.  And if we ask institutions such as UNITED NATIONS, UNESCO and Ministry of Education, I really try to support and really strengthen an alternative [USL] that perhaps we have been looking for a long time and dare this alliance will be good that we make and that we support and to demonstrate to students that to study is to live, which is for life itself.

Thank you very much .



Part 2: The principal, Elsa Cochoy, from Colegio Evangelico el Mesias middle school assesses USL (Continued..).


two extra points …

seem, this pilot project is the marked difference in the results when we evaluate students, and then we see who lose or leave the course, sometimes a high percentage of students. While here, students are leveled and see who wins 90% or 65% too low, the result we reach it has cost us, or maybe we have not reached.

The other point, also important, is how students express interest, joy, how happy they feel getting the class! So that’s important, because as they say many educators – that education makes students happy – and I saw the methodology very little, but I watched, yes, this [USL] actually reaches the “patojos” students are happy doing what they do, maintain interest and enthusiasm.


Part 3: The principal, Elsa Cochoy, from Colegio Evangelico el Mesias middle school assesses USL and recommends it to UN and UNESCO and expresses USL´s potential impacts.


I would like to address to the United Nations, UNESCO, MOE as organizations have had to ensure … ( have had to watch – we are part of the ministry of education) … ensure education, make this partnership with USL . You therefore have to remember : the historical-cultural teaching model we as local demand , as education authorities , that there is a divorce between the historical moment that society is living and education that we teach .

Already said a great thinker, “When the school teaches , society learns . ” And through USL , students are prepared for life itself . That is, mathematics for life. Then we must emphasize that alliance have with this pilot project to strengthen the work that has been done , especially that students learn for life , learn to be happy and learn to contribute to society ; characteristic of this pilot project , USL , demonstrated in the lives of students . Of course there is a lot to go but it’s a good partnership that will achieve this goal.




Elementary school principal, Moises, from Ruben dario elementary school:

translated: (EN)

Video: The Ruben Dario elementary school principal, Moises , on the 6 Main Points on USL Pilot Study

It’s amazing , but it’s important … make it known … that in spite of the short time that the USL pilot studies in the subject of mathematics took place in this school, the results have been great even though (his) Spanish … it is very poor. Dongchan Lee has much better Spanish to handle it better … But nevertheless … because the results have been … even though they 30 or 40 minutes (long classes) were used for a month stuff (of Mathematics) … the results are viewed, since it has been evaluated … the number of students who have received evaluations that have received the classes, which properly ( are ) surveys from the children.

Following that it is … there have been some isolated cases but preferably it has been Grade 2 to Grade 11 (meaning the entire USL pilot studies for all 4 schools not just in Ruben Dario). Usually also assessed the ability of each student and qualified . For example , let’s say … is the type of student A student versus the F mean that 20 to 30 percent (difference) in performance has assessed the student . Obviously the student who is in the type A is the student who has taken over (I think he meant that who is a very good student) the USL project, it is the student that has developed the theme of mathematics; not the pupil is in the letter F. But the challenge is: To help students who are in the letter F can pass the letter A, or more … ie , recover these students who are a little bad in mathematics so that they can be in the first place.

It is also important to say that all averages of F have to advance to the A and this is possible through the classes that can be given in a time of 30 or 40 minutes (of USL pilot study classes).

Of course it takes more time (in regular classes). Is itself a class or 2 classes for a month. One wants[needs] more … at least 2 classes per week , we are talking about 8 classes per month .

This (USL) with the aim to go further encouraging math and the students. There were at least 6 of 2 combined classes with 30 to 60 students in each of the pilots of USL, and as the class in which these students are located for (USL pilot) projects.

This gives us specifically the results of the pilot project USL statistically, which incidentally were initially 3 days for operations that were given but later as they tried to go implemented through the volunteer friend of USL project, Dongchan Lee.

It is important to see that also for implementing improved self-learning or teaching mathematics class is very important to use videos, audio – videos, for the teaching of mathematics learning is much better.



Middle school principal, Santiago, from a Fernando Salomon middle school:

translated to English:

I am the principal of Fernando Salomon Vasquez Rivera, the Institution of Basic Education in Santa Lucia Acatlan. I want to make a report about the achievements gotten by Dongchan with his project: USL, pilot study of mathematics. That project was a month duration in this institution.

Even though we faced different kinds of problems such as the lack of resources, we inform that the results were and very acceptable, very good.

We did our best in order to provide facilities, however, although there was no resource. Another problem that we faced was the language. Spanish. For Dongchan, Dongchan is a bit difficult, but is not impossible and very good, and his Spanish is clear enough. The students have been responding very well, even the classes had  duration of just 30 or 40 minutes.

The procedure is very good; we applied a diagnostic test, mathematics classes and even a final exam. Those exams show us a really good improvement from the students, which is around 40%.

Even the short time of every single class, we got a high percentage of improvement. Sometimes we believe that it’s impossible to get an improvement in just 30 or 40 minutes, but nothing is impossible. Everything is possible; the point is just to know HOW to apply the method with the students.

Then, the difference between the grade A and F is about 25 to 30%. But once again, I repeat that the time was very short. At this moment, the students, teachers, the principal and administrative staff of this institution are satisfied and positive with the results.

We hope that the USL project of Dongchan has success always and at the same time the authorities support it, as we are not the only institution who suffer the lack of resources.

In every single classroom there are 40 or 45 students approximately, and that one is one of the biggest problem that we face. For example, it’s difficult to work when we don’t have enough tables and chairs for the students. At the end, all those issues affect the process: EDUCATION – LEARNING.

Anyway, we’ve put a great effort in order to eliminate the obstacles, and we can say proudly: we did very well.

Finally I thank Dongchan for everything: his project and support with the mathematic subject.

Dongchan, Congratulations and keep going. Thanks so much.



The principal of Copriori high school recommends USL to UN, UNESCO, and Ministry of Education 


We are here to say hello to everybody, and at the same, I want to express my opinion about USL which is a project applied by Dongchan to the students of this high school.

We believe that the project has been a very good process for every student, mainly because it helps in his or her learning of mathematics. Especially because mathematics is a little bit of headache for the national educational system of Guatemala.

I would like to ask for all the supports from the Guatemala government, states and the other countries and mainly to the UN, UNESCO, the Ministry of Education in Guatemala, and all the countries to apply this program, which has brought too many benefits to the students.

So we are so thankful and we hope to see more positive results in the future with this method that Dongchan came to taught to our students in this short time.

We recognize that the students have taken advantage of this program.

So, I just can thank mainly Dongchan, who ran this project and taught to all the students.



For the following video testimonials of the school principals, the pilot studies occurred simultaneously during about 1 week except during 4-5 days of interruptions due to the union strike on Friday of the USL pilot study week. these video testimonials were collected after they reviewed the test results of the tests of USL in their schools.


USL final Results Part 1: colegio Angelico en Mesia middle school principal (in Spanish)

The testimonial by the principal starts from the 20th minute and lasts till near the end for about 2.5 minutes.

She is testifying that the speed of USL learning is indeed 20-30-50 times faster according to students as well as the short 30-40 minute USL class impacts on her middle school students.



USL final Results Part 1: Ruben Dario elementary school principal, Moises (in Spanish)

He is testifying that the great speed gains of students from 2-6th grades of his school and then he recommend USL to the department of education as well as to UN, especially UNESCO.


USL final Results Part 2: Ruben Dario elementary school principal, Moises (in Spanish)


USL final Results Part 3: Middle school principal, Santiago

He testifies that the student test results were overall about 30% advanced after the USL covered 1 month materials in half an hour lecture when tested afterwards although there were no homeworks, more solutions or helps after the USL lectures in his school. Then he recommends USL to UN as well.



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