The main beneficiaries of USL Go Global

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Fundamental Premises of ‘USL Go Global’ and The global causes that USL Go Global focuses to resolve


So the main beneficiaries of USL Go Global, if this goes really global, will be:


  • Everyone as the major boosts in the new science/technology and economy based on sustainable, resource-based these principles can and will help end the stagnating states of the world we are in to transform it to much better states.
  • Everyone as the massive fundings in the environmental causes (such as deforestations, preserving the balance of ecosystem, maximizing recycles) will take their roots much faster than we hope.
  • To end the extreme poverty (for those who live in less than a few dollars per day) in the world within 1 year (which needs about $60 Trillions annually)
  • Students with heavy student loans: this issue has become increasing epidemic around the globe in recent years. In the U.S. alone, there are $1.2+ Trillions for this and the average student loan debt is over $25,000, and USL can help reduce this in drastic manner.
  • The poor and underprivileged communities in the participating countries accordingly,
  • The elderly: as the society ages, more and more elderly need extra cares and supports.
  • Most students who are not great in math/science: this is actually how USL originally started as a super-fast learning program. The average speed gains are typically over 10 times faster.
  • More girls than boys: USL is primarily focusing on math and physical science for which most of the global data show average girls are behind boys a bit, and USL is determined to narrow the gap in a very short time because it simply lifts up all students together very quickly.
  • Underprivileged ethnic groups: there have been persistent and consistent global education data of ethnic gaps in math/science. Although the gaps have been slightly reduced, but only tiny bit after decades of efforts to narrow them. USL will narrow the gap significantly in short time, not decades or half a century without success.


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These are the major groups of beneficiaries of USL, but the vast majority of people in the world will gain the significant amount of benefits. So, how will this work?


Q: How can you participate or help us? Follow here.

Answer: Starting in the middle of November, 2013, USL Go Global will be engaged in flurry of activites:

  1. releasing short videos for informing the people
  2. releasing a series of Thunderclap campaigns
  3. starting Crowdfundings soon after
  4. Crowdfunding #1: to raise initial crowd funds so that we can continue on, doing more pilot studies in various countries to build up more momentum.
  5. Crowdfunding #2: to create a series of info short video series and a documentary to maximize its global impacts till we reach our goals.

So, please try to participate socially, social network-wise, financially, informationally, creatively.

Till we get enough sponsors and investors join in, we will have uphill battles ahead. So, please be the ones to bring the light for the world.


If you are visual artists or musician, please be parts of this too.

I will give our mantra. Please make songs out of this and share on your youtube channels and share with us.

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