The next phase of USL pilot studies

Since we have had enough of good data from the previous USL pilot studies from

  1. 2 countries
  2. 3 regions
  3. 8 schools
  4. grade 2-11
  5. over 1,200 students
  6. class time 10-70 times compressed
  7. covered 1-1.5 months maths from all these grades in just 30-40 minutes


USL Pilot study

USL Pilot study


So, we are currently seeking the collaborations from the departments of education from various countries and UNESCO.

The first development on this regard is as follows.

UPSPM to collaborate with UNESCO and 5-10-15+ countries around the globe.



Q: What do I need the most right now for USL?


  1. A crowdfunding which I will try to start as soon as possible once I am done with data collections as well as the new animations that I have been preparing for.
  2. The crowdfunding is solely for the funds that I need to continue travelling in poor areas around the globe to run pilot studies for the next half a year or so.
  3. Angel investors: to massively market USL education programs that I will start with 1 Chapter in 1 Hour series once the funds are raised to reach out to at least to hundreds of thousands of people. It will be intially based solely online membership. No download or DVDs till more funds are secured.
  4. Massive publicity: news people, magazine people, online hubs of all sorts, celebrities, influential people with huge hearts fighting for the global peace and prosperity.
  5. Many voluntary participants or supporters around the globe.
  6. Major organizations that pursue human rights, feminist rights, End the Poverty activists, global causes for all sorts with great intentions for the world so that we all can align ourselves together.
  7. Translators to other languages: especially in Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic, Portuguese, and Russian.
  8. People who believe in the integrity and power of USL and can connect us to the power players of all sorts.

Thank you.

Let’s bring the prosperous karma to the whole world as fast as we can.



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