The proofs that the USL miraculously works as it claims


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For the last and the biggest ones pilot study resultsof USL…. although


1)      We covered 850 students from 4 schools in 1 week operation from grade 2 to 11 during about 1 week in our last USL pilot study in February of 2014.

2)      This was followed by all the endorsements from 4 principals and the mayor,

3)      their recommendations for un unesco and Minstry of Education.

4)       3 news channel coverages of usl for 5 plus times

5)      700+ students in “Let’s support usl” videos

6)      To create this much support took less than a week.

7)      I had been a total stranger to town a week before the pilot studies started.

8)      My Spanish was very broken.


But, I simply ran the pilot studies for a week or so.

How did this happen? What did I do?

Too good to be true?

So were the electricity, radio, invention of airplane, trip to the moon, pc, internet, etc, except that all the former innovations were physical or external, but USL for mental and internal. As all the previous revolutions were based on the minds of men, this USL revolution of minds is about to rewrite the entire human history. The revolution of minds is the true recolution, not the physical.

The core basic premise of USL is to make the average students learn 12 years of math within 1 year with the better mastery, at least 3 times faster than the fastest math prodigies in the entire world. And this will be followed by physics and chemistry.

Pilot study results: To prove that it works, we have run USL pilot studies:


1)      in 2 countries (Mexico and Guatemala), 3 towns,

2)      8 schools, over 1,200 students’ participations for the past half a year

3)      their overall results have been overall astonishing. Each of the 1 month of math materials from grade 2 to 11 was covered in 30-40 minutes with the staggering results.

4)      Here the teaching/learning time compressions were 15 – 60 times.

The typical gains after these half an hour or so classes were 20-40% in average and often 40-100%. (To see what this means that the normal A to F student differences are about 20-25%)





The Following was from only the first pilot studies in Oaxaca, Mexico in 2013:


  1. For the data and results of tests, surveys, and video testimonials from two pilot studies from K7-11 in two of the top private schools from which more than 250 students participated for USL’s first pilot studies, please visit the pilot study reports, etc, here.
  2. For the 5 video testimonials from 5 former students, please click here.
  3. Aside from the proofs provided above, if you want to see the fundamental motivations and philosophy behind USL, please check out here.


For the pilot studies done from 1 middle school and 1 high school, we put the pilot study data in the following categories (when USL’s 40 minute classes more or less (and nothing more) were compared to the traditional 1 month of math classes that require more or less 50 hours of math study as a whole):

  • When asked about the value of USL pilot classes – immediately after my 35-45 minute long pilot classes: the responses were overwheming overall. Overall the equally divided between Amazing vs. Great vs. Good (some Okays and very few said bad)
  • Math Learning speed gains compared to their traditional math learning: 10 times faster more or less (based on over 150 responses)
  • Memorization elimination in USL math learning: 5.5 – 7.5 times more efficient, meaning 6 or 7 out of the traditional memorizations in math are gone.
  • Difficulty or Easy levels of USL classes: overall, it seems that students find USL is slightly harder than their normal classes, but they could mostly follow. (I had only about 40 minutes for each class to cover the entire 1 month materials; so I had no choice and had to rush a bit. So this isn’t surprising.)
  • Pacing of USL classes: overall appeared to be slightly more rushed than normal, but most could follow.
  • Whether they would recommend USL to others or parents: the predominant responses were yes; I would say 80-90% said usually yes.
  • When asked if students were asked to participate in video interviews – with the permissions of their parents to do so (due to the legal procedures at schools): usually 20-30% of the student in the pilot classes said yes.
  • (More will be updated as my time permits and get ready for all the animated data that are coming up.)
  • Results on the Control Groups of USL pilot studies are coming soon too.


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