USL’s Philosophy




USL’s Fundamental Philosophy


USL is a Social Innovation (SI) and Social Enterprise (SE).

Social innovation (SI) can be defined as a novel solution to social problems that are more effective, efficient, sustainable than the currently existing solutions. These solutions are focused primarily on contributing to society as a whole.

Social entrepreneurship (SE) is about innovative, market-oriented approaches driven by will for social equity and environmental sustainability. Ultimately, social entrepreneurship aims at transformational systems of change in order to tackle the root causes of poverty, marginalization, environmental deterioration, and accompanying loss of human dignity


First, let me start with the practical goals of USL.

The fundamental principles behind USL are:

  • To end the extreme poverty (meaning those who earn less than a few dolllars per day),
  • To end the second tier poverty too, starting first by resolving the global student loan debt crisis as a show case. (For instance, the $1.2 Trillions+ of them in the USA)
  • To protect the critical part of the environment as much as possible.
  • To build the resource-based sustainable science and technology and support them fully
  • To ease the sufferings of the elderly (as the societies are getting older)
  • To lessen the gender inequality
  • To bring the peaceful, collaborative, and equal global communities
  • Toward the more egalitarian, decentralized, and collaboration-based – not simply competition-based world.


My basic plan is to use USL to work with all the governments in the world

  • to boost the economy of the rich countries a bit under the conditions that …
  • they devote about 20% of their miraculous surplus gains for the poorest countries,
  • for the poor groups in their own countries,
  • to build the sustainable resource-based science and technology for the next generation,
  • to maximize the environmental protections around the globe,
  • and to ameliorate the sufferings of the elderly.
  • If the participating countries don’t adhere to the environmental protections or the provisions to help our world better, then their surplus gains will be compromised and become significantly less.

In other words, I’ll simply use the greed of the rich to recycle their luckily gained wealth using USL to help the severely underpriveleged populations in a geedy speed. This is possible because the economic value behind USL is astronomical. The equations behind the idea dictate all. My main idea is the values of the human capital.


The more details of the above can be found here.


The following part of the article is primarily inspired and motivated by Ken Robinson: How to escape education’s death valley via as well as Forbidden Education the documentary, and my response was provided here.


  1. SIMPLICITY: Makes learning the hardest subjects – as math and physics quite often get the stigmas – almost the easiest to learn.
  2. SUPER SPEED: Makes learning the hardest subjects 5-10-20-40+ times faster than what students normally learn from schools, its sheer speed allows various experimentations in education.
  3. UNIFICATION: Unites math with science, art, and fundamentally spirituality based on Perennial Philosophy.============================================================(Therefore, Unified Super Learning) ================= (Unless knowledge and education is downloadable the way Neo downloads in Matrix, nothing has been able to speed up math and science learning this fast to my best knowledge at least till now. ===========================================
  4. FREEDOM: Frees up most of the time– at least in the traditional standard – being so super fast.
  5. EASINESS: Allows the rest of time for study to be invested to playful experiments, being so easy and accessible.
  6. CURIOSITY (particularly in response to Ken Ronbinson): Allows students to experiment to please their curiosity due to the free time possible by its enormous speed as well as its unified approaches based on perennial philosophy, which makes learning very intuitive, triggering the innate curiosity in learning.
  7. CREATIVITY (particularly in response to Ken Ronbinson): Unleashes the creativity being so easy, playful, fast, and yet with so much fun, just like a great game.
  8. COLLABORATION: Encourages collaborations more than competitions, eliminating the real hard parts of the hardest subjects.
  9. RELATIONSHIP: Allows students to have more time to build relations by collaborating than by competing too much.
  10. COMMUNITY: Makes the spirits of community more possible by drastically reducing the difficulty and the competitions out of the educational equations.
  11. UNIVERSALITY: Utilizes math – like music – as a universal language that transcends any barrier of race, wealth, location, ideology, or religion.
  12. TRANSCENDENCE: Embraces all the traditional education and transcends it to embrace various alternative approaches.
  13. DIVERSITY (particularly in response to Ken Ronbinson): (Being mostly eLearning-based and more increasingly personalized as times goes on, USL can fits into diverse learning environements for students.) USL, however, stands on its own with or without using eLearning at all because all its fundamental inspirations are drawn from the styles and elements of Perennial Philosophy which encompasses all the timeless aspects of lives and the universe. In that sense, USL goes even beyond the aspect of principle that Ken Ronbinson emphasizes because USL strives for almost archetypal elements that exist beyond space and time. This may not be completely successful, but various attempts have been successfully made.
  14. FULFILLED EDUCATION: Makes lives more fulfilling with the kind of education that unleashes the freedom.
  15. INTEGRATED EDUCATION: Makes the integrated education possible based on the aforementioned aspects of USL.
  16. Reduce Global Poverty: Making people in countries of extreme poverty learn STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) preparation subjects (math/physics/chemistry) as fast as those in the richer countries means narrowing the global wealth gaps quickly and efficiently.
  17. Reduce the Inequality: of genders, races, wealth, and countries
  18. Promote Global Peace: Making people in poverty-stricken people much less vulnerable to those who have abused them.
  19. To be continued …



Now, ask yourself.

We are overwhelmed by too many crises in our precious world.

This is my humble offering to the world, hoping that USL and its branches can help the issues that I have raised here.


As far as I can see, USL is

  • The easiest
  • The cheapest
  • The fastest

Way to achieve what I have mentioned completely in peace, without violence.

So, what will you do?

Ignore it and makes over a billion to suffer – if not over half the world population – or to participate in this initiation for a new global movement and share it to everyone you know?

The world needs your participation.

Let’s change our world.

Thank you.





(This image is from ‘Forbidden Education’)






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