USL pilot studies

USL Pilot study results

USL Pilot study results



USL pilot studies

last USL pilot study results

last USL pilot study results

But, I simply ran the pilot studies for a week or so.

How did this happen? What did I do?


Too good to be true?

So were the electricity, radio, invention of airplane, trip to the moon, pc, internet, etc, except that all the former innovations were physical or external, but USL for mental and internal. As all the previous revolutions were based on the minds of men, this USL revolution of minds is about to rewrite the entire human history. The revolution of minds is the true recolution, not the physical.

The core basic premise of USL is to make the average students learn 12 years of math within 1 year with the better mastery, at least 3 times faster than the fastest math prodigies in the entire world. And this will be followed by physics and chemistry.


Pilot study results: To prove that it works, we have run USL pilot studies.


The video evidences for the USL pilot studies – CLICK!.

Video testimonials of the school principals for USL

Video testimonials of the school principals for USL




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USL pilot project proposals to UNESCO/UN


————————– the first USL pilot studies in Oaxaca, Mexico ———————————–



The information below were only from the first USL pilot studies in Oaxaca, Mexico

in October, 2013.



2 schools. 1 middle school and 1 high school.

The total number of student participated: about 260-270 as of now.

The useful data: about 40% of the test data are good, but the rest have been tainted for the reasons I may explain later. (The large part of the contaminations come from the fact that the students in the test #2 were totally unmotivated; so most of them finished 40-50 minute long tests within 5-10 minutes because they had taken my pilot class 4-6 days before and there had been no review or homework etc. So basically 80-90% of students simply did random guess and finished. Even those who remained in the tests finished within the first 15-20 minutes of the tests at most.)

The survey data: In spite of the data contaminations from some pilot classes, the overall survey data seemed pretty good.



During the first week of October, I collaborated with 2 schools – 1 middle and 1 high school – for covering the math materials that normally take 1 month in the well-respected two private schools. Over 260-270 students participated from the 7th grade (middle school first grade) to 11th grade (high school second grade).  The pilot study lasted 7-8 days. In most cases, I covered 1 month materials in about 40 minute long lectures.



For the pilot tests, I had to rely solely on my 40 minute lectures. There were no lecture notes or summaries provided to students because the school policy didn’t allow me to share my website or facebook links etc to students at all. Since I was forbidden from sharing any of my website information, I couldn’t give homeworks; so there were no homework, nor solutions, nor feedbacks, … So, there was basically nothing else other than my 40 minute long lectures more or less.




For each 40 minute lecture, there was a test #1 taken 1-2 days before each of my pilot lecture class. After each pilot class, we had test #2 in 2 days. (Due to the sudden policy change on the first day of the test #2, over half of the pilot test schedule were postponeded to 4-6 days later without informing me previous. So, for these tests, the test results became unusuable. For them, I simply rely on their survey results.)



We collected 3 surveys for each class during the pilot study week. One that came along with the test #1, the second surveys were right after my 40 minute lectures, and the third surveys were given with the finals which were test #2.


The results from the surveys and the tests before, during, and after my pilot classes are emerging. So keep updated by subscribing to the website and follow in the social network if you can.

For more detailed information about the USL pilot studies, click here.


If you want to collaborate with us and want to bring USL to your local schools, let us know.