USL Pilot Study Student Participation Data

During September 30th and October 8th of 2013, USL ran the pilot studies from K7-11th grade students in math classes.

I covered each of the entire 1 month materials (which normally take about 50-60 hours for average students to study or prepare) in only 35-45 minutes, averaging about 40 minutes. Students in each class took Test 1 about 1-2 days before my 40 minute pilot class and they were supposed to take Test 2 in 2 days.

In between each of my pilot lecture class and Test 2, there were nothing given for students to prepare: no lecture notes (except few no students were taking notes), no homeworks, no extra solution guides, no reviews, no sharing of my website or USL facebook page, … nothing!

More summary and results will be shared throughout this week.

For viewing the data better, just click on the images.







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