USL short comprehensive introduction

The contents here will appear to be too impossible to be true to the vast majority of people. For now, however, give a benefit of doubt and try to imagine if the following scenarios are possible. The ample evidences that USL actually works have been accumulated from its pilot studies.

Note: Although we are certain all the following scenarios will happen in near future, even if USL can make the average people learn 2 or 3 times faster – not 10 or 20 or 50 times faster as it aims – still that will be nothing short of a massive revolution.

note: currently, USL is pursuing the first series of USL-URF to revolutionize the world from math education à human capital boost à (collaborate with UNESCO/UN to make this happen much faster) à boosting GDPs à Reducing the global inequality  à protecting the environments à making a much better world.

  • 1 Standard deviation of math differences in PISA (or TIMMS) = 100 points in PISA = 2.3 years of math = 2% of Per Capita GDP increases
  • 85 points of PISA math = about 2 years of school year differences of  math = 1.8% of Per Capita GDP boosts
  • First we will boost the 2 year math levels for the URF participating countries. After this goes global, we will continue releasing the next series to uplift the global math by over 10 years of the normal schoolings of math within 10-20 years, depending on the supports of the global community.
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Written introduction documents for USL:

As of now, USL consists of the 3-tier operations: stage 1 is up to now, the rest is in the middle of development.

  1. USL pilot study stage (almost completed…)
  2. USL in small Social Enterprise level (targeting at the scale of millions or tens of millions of USD levels): seeking currently various seed financers and the angel investors, but we start to try some mini-UFA operations to work with the governments from poor to very poor countries.
  3. UFA (Usal For All): this is the response of USL to EFA (Education For All) led by UNESCO as their results haven´t been impressive. (targeting at the scale of billions or tens of billions of USD levels)
  4. UGG (Usl Go Global): this will materialize only when UFA reaches to at least tens of millions of people. (targeting at the scale of trillions or tens of trillions of USD levels)

USL basic plan for the next decade:

First, collaborations with UNESCO/UN for experimental villages to prove that the model village experiments work to the rest of the world.

–> make average students advance math 1 year quickly and globally
–> advance few more years
–> make average people learn math and science faster than the fastest learning prodigies in the entire world
–> revolutionary boost of human capital
–> gradually skip over 10+ years of math
–> math education revolution
–> science education revolution (5-10 times faster)
–> education revolution in general

–> establishing international treaties based on the potential human capital boosts from USL

–> resolve major global economic crises
–> help the paradigm shifts in global education, economy, and environment
–> trigger the birth of New Renaissance
–> A much better world of unity, not of separations.

If the average students of the USA increases math level by 1 year - of Canada - the USA average annual income will icrease 20%; if advancing 2 years to to level of Singapore, then 40% of the average annual income increases. (Professor Eric Hanushek)

If the average students of the USA increases math level by 1 year – of Canada – the USA average annual income will icrease 20%; if advancing 2 years to to level of Singapore, then 40% of the average annual income increases. (Professor Eric Hanushek)

What USL is:

  • It will make you learn 12 years of math in less than 1 year.
  • It will make you learn 1 year of physics or chemistry courses in less than 1 month.
  • No more math or science fear and endless suffering.
  • It can help revolutionize the world by making average people learn math and science faster than the fastest learning math/science prodigies in the entire world.
  • So, 4-5 years of the most precious years of your lives as a full-time student will be liberated.
  • It will massively boost the human capital around the globe because its potential sum of the human capital will exceed the total GDP (the total economic sum produced by a country each year) of any country on earth, including those of EU (European Union) and the USA.
  • It will trigger the new Renaissance of learning and creativity that can be unleashed by virtually everyone instead of each being enslaved to years of the boring, normal education that simply doesn’t work.
  • It will reconnect heart and brain, which are very separated in the traditional school education in math and science. USL will release the totally new forms of the unified education.
one of the possible timelines of URF reducing the global inequity very rapidly

one of the possible timelines of URF reducing the global inequity very rapidly

What USL will do:
  • Due to its massive economic potential, we will position to reduce the major global crises, collaborating with as many governments and NGOs in the world instead of competing and dominating the entire global market, which most of the corporations typically do.
  • Instead of subjecting the potential of USL to the global perils of the abusive economic practices – although USL may have to struggle to survive in the harsh environment of the market-based economy in its earlier years – or of operating as a corporation, it will operate as a Social Enterprise (SE), Social Inovation (SI) entity, an umbrella entity that will collaborate with the various similar-minded SE entities and global organizations for the global, collective prosperity in mind.
  • The core pragmatic principles of USL is the unity of 3 Es: Education, Economy, and Environment. None should be separated from the rest.
  • Reduce the gaps of math and science in genders, races, or countries to lead us to much more equal world.
  • It will help transitions from the currently problematic and failing economy – which is based on the greed, cometition, market-driven – to the new economy – based on the compassion, collaboration, resource and sustainabilty – much smoother.
  • In principles, we align ourselves with most of the UN Millenium Development Goals project. UN will benefit massively from the collaboration with USL.
  • The major goals of USL can be viewed here.
What are your personal benefits from USL?
  • The benefits are endless and profound obviously, but the most short term benefits will be your relatively painless speed learning. We all know how much math knowledge and grades contribute to your university entrance and later job salaries, etc.
  • As your country’s economy boosts, so will be the boosts of average incomes of all of you in general, not just for a few years, but for a few decades and more.
  • The gains in human capital in your country and around the globe will make your lives much more prosperous altogether and yet not at the expense of environmental sacrifices.
  • Instead of keeping math and science as elite subjects, they will become more like water, books,  electricity, and internet. So our lives collectively become much more prosperous, unleashing the creative and collaborative geniuses for all of us while protecting our surrounding environments much more than ever before.
Why should it go global?
The potential benefits of USL is profoundly far-reaching. The aforementioned, deeply rooted, global crises and problems can be all resolved. Who don’t want to overcome all these problems as peacefully and rapidly as possible except the tiny bit of pathological parasites in our world?

Why should you be actively participating for USL?

As the potentials and the claims of USL are rather incredible and hard to digest for most of people, there will be much of resistances and sabotages against USL for sure, as we have experienced throughout the earlier USL pilot studies repeatedly. So, we need as much support from the global community as possible with the various grassroot efforts.

Why is USL different from anything you have seen before?

USL doesn’t sit around and criticize the current status quo although criticisms and the activities in sharing truths are very important. Instead, USL tries to resolve much of the pandemic global problems in a very short time frame with the mindset of peace and collective prosperity instead of the endless competitions that can lead us to the mutual annihilations. At the core of all the possibilities that USL represents sits its unprecedented scale of boosting human capital, not sacrificing environment. So by enriching everyone around the globe, it aims to lead us to the global and mutual prosperity of all, not at the expense of any special interest group, country, or ethnicities.

GDP increases By Continents with 2 years math advancemtns by USL

GDP increases By Continents with 2 years math advancemtns by USL

Why many of the USL’s primary goals can be achieved within next a few years and within 10 years for the ultimate goals incrementally instead of right now immediately?

Although USL has the staggeringly emense potentials, the typical greed, competition and market-based economy proponents can possibly abuse USL to polarize our already polarized world much more. Instead, we try to empower every nation, both rich and the poor, gradually narrowing their gaps, ever depolarizing the world so that we can reach the mutually collaborative and prosperous world.

UPSPM to UN General Assembly

UPSPM to UN General Assembly

The projects of USL so far:

  1. USL pilot studies so far
  2. The USL publicity campaigns in progress

The USL projects currently in progress for near future:

  1. USL for the Mayans to collaborate with UNESCO, UN and World Bank to  help the UN Millenium project, especially to end the extreme poverty and end the millions of starvations to death each year.
  2. USL crowdfunding 1
  3. USL for the Latin Americans
  4. USL for the sub-Saharan Africans

The USL projects once the various global investors, UN, especially UNESCO,  join

  1. USL for the Incans
  2. USL for India
  3. USL for the South Asians
  4. USL for the middle east
  5. ……..
  6. USL for South Korea
  7. USL for North America
  8. USL for China
  9. USL for Europe
  10. …etc

What do we need?

As we have the inexhaustible ambitions to make our world much better, faster than anything known to us so far, we need the support from every single one of you.

  1. National news coverages from each country
  2. Help for translating USL materials in each country to each language
  3. Documentary of USL for each country or language
  4. collaborations from all governments
  5. assistance from the departments of education around the globe
  6. Need the participations from all the creative people and artists, especially creative people in media.
  7. etc etc etc
  8. The revolutuon is coming. It is up to you to make this happen or to perish. So please support us as much as you can.
This is my humble dream and a humble offering to our precious world, but I can’t do this alone without supports from every one of you around the globe.

So please spend a bit of time in this website, visit often, and please share online, offline as much as possible because we heavily focus on the publicities to make USL GO GLOBAL very fast.


© Copyright 2014 admin USL, All rights Reserved. Written For: USL1: to resolve the entire top 5 world crises (of Transition to Renewable Energy, Environment, Sovereign Debts, Population growth, and Poverty) whose total costs will be 3-8x of the current world GDP in 15-25 years using the the world´s surplus GDP induced by USL1.0 (2.5x-10x-40x in 10-20-30 yrs.) instead of collapsing with them (with the UN, gov & NGOs)