USL1/5UE/URF1 short video introductions

We strongly suggest you to watch this first.

GDP growths Projections After USL1

GDP growths Projections After USL1/URF1


On this page of the video introductions, we have the variations of the video introduction on the USL-5UEs-URF. Since you may not have time, I suggest you to watch one of the 10 or 20 minute videos and then decide if you´d like to spend more time on the rest of the videos.

  • we have 2.5 minute version which is a bit too short.
  • we have the 10 minute introduction on USL-URF1 and is good introduction on USL, but lacking a bit of the human touch.
  • there are 2 part videos on USL-URF1 totalling about 20 minutes and give enough technical details.
  • For the one with the more human touch, please watch the 17 minute version on if you can deal with the 17 minutes. If you can watch only one, please watch this one (although it is a rough cut and the sounds are uneven without any background music yet).
  • A playlist that runs for about 40 minutes
  • USL proposals to the governments, NGOs, and the UN (a playlist)


USL-URF video introduction (10 minutes) 

(If some parts move fast, please pause and try to digest at times.)


Visual Guide to the USL 1 & 2 with the economic contributions for URF (2.5 minutes) 



USL/URF1 introduction (17.4 minutes): rough cut but has more human touch

These videos are on the playlist. So please click and enjoy the whole thing. Each one may last about half an hour.

Before you start, you have to feel the sad zeitgeist on the current modus operandi of schools, math and sex and rock and roll. So we made this video.

Math and Schools Make Me Feel Like 


To view this, please set the Settomg to 720p HD. (Otherwise the resolution will be low.)

This will run for about 30-40 minutes, depending on how many I can compile together.


If possible, please try to watch the following 2 parts of the USL/URF1 plan videos (total running time 20 minutes). Although there are a bit of overlapping areas, these are a bit more detailed and updated than the first USL/URF1 video.

USL1/URF 1 introduction – Part 1 (9.5 minutes)

USL1/URF 1 introduction – Part 2 (9.5 minutes)