USL (Unified Super Learning) Sample Lessons

USL(Unified Super Learning) Sample teachings


In this page, I share some of the USL sample lessons to give you certain flavors, but be aware that as the UNIFED indicates – not just Super part – the real reasons how USL can be so effective and fast arise from both speed and its organizing power/roots.


Unified Super Learning Equation O fLife -Emotion

Unified Super Learning
Equation O fLife -Emotion

NOTE: The following ones can be appreciated as isolated incidences. So i share them here. The really powerful ones can be provided only when the time comes and students go through all the step by step build-ups for the entire program.



USL: Mathematics Of Life – Part #1 of 5 part series (Equations of Emotion)




Einstein for fun easy math series


USL: Einstein quotes for fun math. Einstein for fun easy math series – Part1


Math Lessons 3.1. Function linking algebra and geometry together (6minutes)



[NOTE: I apologize for those who are faithfully devoted to Khan Academy.]

USL: Pythagorean Theorem Proofs as a show case between Khan Academy vs. USL (Share this)

USL – Math Humor. Proof 1: Girls are evil (from a suffering boy’ POV)

USL – Math Humor. Proof 2: Boys are the root of evil

 (from a suffering girl’ POV)



0. Physics Lecture: First Step Physics Introduction (5 Minutes)


These videos are only meant to be samples, as appetizers.


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Send us emails so that we can prepare and register for email subscription on this website and share this with all the rest of students and math teachers – and the principals – who want to participate in this adventure.







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