USL – Video Testimonials of former students

USL – Video Testimonials of former students who experience the variety of USL. For translations into your language, please click like this at the bottom of some Youtube  videos. There are 5 of the video testimonials from Lee’s former students and altogether they run for about 20 minutes.  As they are in a playlist, you can view them in a sequence. Caption how       Or for 1.3 minute





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Video Testimonial by Guillermo for Alphie (3-10th grade math, 50-100 times faster than usual..)


Video Testimonial Series for Lee and Unified Super Learning: Danilo – learned 20-30 times faster for math (College Math)



Video Testimonial Series for Unified Super Learning: Alexis (this is the only audio testimonial) : she is tesfifying that Lee helped her learn math preparation for MCAT test as claimed.


Video Testimonial Series for Lee and Unified Super Learning: Peter (for High school math state exam preparation and how it affected his life positively overall in the long run in various ways)


Jason’s college Physics (testifying his speed of college physics learning was 6-8 times faster and still could do better than the average students who spent 200-300 hours for the semester..) 17 hour of Lee’s lecture (from 7 lectures during 2 weeks) & 17-20 hours of additional studying alone – totalling about 35 hours of study altogether – was sufficient for what he got instead of spending 200-300 hours for college physics for a semster)


Video testimonials of students from Colegio Evangelica en Mesia of Santa Lucia Utatlan, Solola, Guatemala in February 2014. (The student testimonials start at 16 minutes 44 seconds)

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Grade 5



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