What does USL-URF mean to the UN and the entire world

This page summarizes the seemingly complex plans of URF operations in 10 key points.



Economy On Top of all

Economy On Top of all


3Es for USL

3Es for USL


URF is basically using the human self-interest to trigger a global revolution for tackling the global causes at the scale of MDGs at least and beyond, in an unprecedented and unforseen scale within a decade, partially in half a decade.

It is like a Judo: to utilize the powerful force of opponents (self interest and human greeds) not only to tame it, but also to bring truly fair, equitable and sustainable collective prosperity and Renaissance part 2 for the next  generations yet to come.


We invest to our schools, insurances, social securities, mortages, etc, because we may wind up getting 2-3 times of what we put in by pitting 5-10-20-30-or even 50 times of our income for at least a deacde.

URF is designed for the member countries to get 30-100 times more than you put in (over the next next half a century and beyond) for a similar scale of time not just to help your future finance, but also while completely transforming our world for the much better world in and out when other approaches simply take too long or basically impossible to achieve. Is this impossible? Please check out other documents for UNESCO/UN.


one of the possible timelines of URF reducing the global inequity very rapidly

one of the possible timelines of URF reducing the global inequity very rapidly

URF – Top 10: (the following are a tentative proposals for the UN and the member nations of the URF1)

  1. The entire URF operations rely on sound and future forms of economics, not those we have practiced up until now. It pushes the economy constrained by the most effective means of protecting economy, build the green energy infrastructures while massively boosting the human capital from math and science in a totally unprecedented speed and scales for the next 10-15 years.
  2. Instead of relying on the 0.7% of the donated  economy of the small number of rich  nations (OECD countries) on earth, while getting about half of the expected money to accomplish goals like the MDGs of UN, we with URF have plans where these rich countries pay 3-6% of their national economy annually to accomplish the post- MDGs in the first round.
  3. This is possible because the URF benefits are many times larger than the costs (about 30-50 times more than without URF in the first series alone) and the people around the globe have to protect the global environment because doing otherwise will have the colossal losses of their finance and economy in the continental, national, local, and personal levels.
  4. Its key ideas consist of 4 steps: 1) The super rapid development of math proficiency that massively boosts the human capital. 2) The URF will establish an international treaty via UN to boost the global maths (because the financial gains far outweigh the economy without URF)  3) While raising enough funds to achieve most of MDGs in 5-10 years, 4) and achieving the SE4All (Sustainable Energy For All of the UN) and 2-3 times more and faster than what SE4All is currently planning.  5) Accomplishing all the MDGs targets and push forward to transform the world completely.
  5. As this may not completely take care of the entire MDGs and much more than SE4All is aiming for, but this alone will completely take care of EFA from UNESCO and MDGs #1 (to end the extreme poverty) within a few years.
  6. Environmental protections: for this part, we will need much more extensive feedbacks from the ecologists and environmental organizations. The details will emerge later, but some of them include the protection of the Amazon jungles, glaciers, algaes, etc.
  7. URF has USL first seties for URF. It simply makes the URF participating countries to skip 2-3 years of math by advancing quickly. Only URF member nations can gain benefits of this. This will boost the economy of the most developed nations by providing the surplus economy that is 2-4 times bigger than without the national economy of each country over the next 50-80 years.
  8. When the 2nd series of URF math comes out after more nations are ready to embrace it, the rich countries have to pay 6-12% of their GDP to URF while boosting their economy 6-12 times, and yet more countries will join because the benefits are far larger than the costs. With a few or several trillions of dollars annually in the fund, the URF and UN together can over- accomplish virtually all MDGs.
  9. With the very rapid economic growths, normally there are high costs for sacrificing environment, but URF will establish the extra international treaty that imposes that the URF will make various financial incentives to the poorest developing nations that they cannot get sufficient benefit packages if they don’t comply with the standards to protect the environment as much as possible.The entire URF will build the green energy  infrastructures of participating nations.
  10. URF will establish 3 types of international treaties with the UN: 1) URF funds with USL (as described so far)  2) URF for environment (imposing the severe economic disadvantages not to protect environment) 3) URF part 3 ( cannot reveal right now, but perhaps in 5-10 years)
  11. For both the developed and developing nations, URF will make sure that the fair economic growths around the globe is accelerated only when all are committed to protect the environment and learning. Those who violate more have to face the devastating consequences in their growth economy.


The most immediate and profound economic or more than economic consequences for the post-MDGs or SDGs with URF

  1. Much equal world: the surplus growth rates between the richest and the poorest countries will be roughly 1: 4-5 in each stage. So after 3 stages of URF-USL operations, the current economical gap between the richest countries vs. thr poorest countries (which is about staggering over 100 times difference) will be 20 times after the first series; about 5 times differences after the second series; close to minimal differences by the the time the third URF series take place over the next 10-20 years although we prefer to make it happen in 10 years.
  2. Complete end of the the epidemic national debts: The currently epidemic national debt crises can be completely tamed globally within 4-8 years if URF goes global with UN. Even with the first series, countries with lower debts can completely eliminate their debts. By the time the second URF series completes, every country on earth can tackle their national debt crises, including the entire EU nations, the USA, and Japan.
  3. New Renaissance: once the most disturbing global economical or environmental crises are begining to overcome, the rest will be difficult to imagine. We are talking about a new world where math and science become as easy and accessible as your cellular phones, tablets, and electricity. We will release much more profound implications when the proper time arrives ( as many people seem to be very resistant to various funadamental transformations in general.)

In order to achieve these goals, we are trying to run UPSPM with the various offices of UNESCO.


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