What if?

USL Pilot Studies


What if?



Personal/Practical Benefits:

  • What if you hadn’t had suffered so much to learn math for 12+ years and yet understood or were able to use it so much more (just as much as you study as you used to)?
  • What if you could learn 1 year of physics and chemistry in less than 1 month?
  • What if this is not simply a super fast math education program?
  • What if that prolonged years of sufferings have been drastically shortend?
  • Do you need some proofs? Pilot study results start here.


More than personal benefits going global:


Internal Benefits:

  • What if you could have done that with the much deeper philosophical insights of your lives by enriching yourselves and others around you at the same time?
  • What if your creative, artistic lives can be enhanced by the way USL plays its role?
  • What if even your spiritual lives are deepened by USL?
  • For more internal benefits, see USL Philosophy.


Big scale global benefits:


Can’t you believe that is possible?

Are you one of the majority of the skeptical people who are used to what we have been through all these centuries?

What do you have anything to lose?


Just browse through here a bit and if the USL strategy makes sense to you and prove us wrong if you can, but you won’t be able to prove us wrong.


Are you doubtful? Then, let’s start with the videos.

USL’s pilot study results here.


I hope you are courageous enough to take our challenge.

If this sounds right, this website is a good place to start.

So join us.


Welcome for joining us to intiate our efforts to trigger the global education revolution, starting with math, and then fundamental sciences, to make people learn 5-10-20+ times faster than usual while boosting the economy, end the extreme poverty, assist the sustainable education/environment/science/communities in big scales, in short time.


Do you know what this means?


Please comment, like, share, and subscribe to make this go global faster. 

The first campaigns start in mid-November, 2013.