What is the USL pilot study trying to achieve?

Q1: What was the USL pilot study trying to achieve originally?

Answer: The answer is not short.

When I started USL early 2013, I thought I was simply going to release the whole package last spring and then go carefree? Alah! How naive I was only half a year ago! I can’t give you the full reasons why I decided not to take that path, but I realized quickly enough to see that would be a diservice to the mankind and humanity although not so intuitive to follow the reasoning.

So I looked around to find investors to help me make that happen, but one of the main troubles was that what USL claims is almost impossible to believe for most people. So I realized that I had to prove that USL actually can make people learn 10-20 times faster. I thought 5 video testimonials from my former students would be enough, but that was not the case.

Who is going to fund me to study for 1/2 – 1 year to show how effective it is? That is tough. So I decided to scale down the vision and to test a variety of little scale pilot studies.


Q2: How to scale down?

Answer: At the moment, I just focus on 1 Chapter in 30-40 minute series or 1 month in 1 hour series. (as most schools between K4-11 seem to spend a few to several weeks to cover a chapter more or less …)

If I persuade enough schools to participate to run this pilot studies, soon some strikingly persuasive patterns will emerge.


Q3: Why do I focus only between K4-11th graders at the moment? Why not high school seniors or elementary school students or even college students?

Answer: For high school students, they already carry too much baggage over after a decade of boring and brain-dead math educations. Even worse for college students? It is just like having a girl friend or a boy friend who have carried over too heavy a past! That is not a good place to start a new and promising relationship. K1-3, however, is not even a math. It is merely Arithmetic and too much is based on memorizations. Do you remember how to count and the boring multiplication table?

I am not good at babysitting dealing with toddlers.

So I focus on K4-11 graders for now first. As their baggages are not as heavy as the rest, it is manageable for me to cover 1 month of materials in just 1 hour or 1 chapter in 30-40 minutes.


Q4: If some schools are willing to spend more time, then how far will you go?


After the initial pilot studies, if some schools are willing to run the next program, I will try.

The second program is 1 mid-term in 1 movie hour series, which is covering 2 months of math class works done in about 2-3 hours of lectures followed by 3-6 hours of individual studies of students.


Q5: What do I need to prove?

Answer: Not so much. All I need to prove is that my students after 1- 2 hours of lectures followed by 2-6 hours of their study – totalling 3- 8 hours of their lives – can perform still better than those who have spent 3-9 weeks of their lives for math study, meaning about 30-90 hours that the typical students spend in K4-11.

Since this is a very beginning stage, I try to focus on proving that I can teach 5+ times faster more than 10-20+ times faster for average students around the globe.


Q6: Once the pilot study results come out, then what will I do?

Answer: Then I can start more extensive studies to prove to the world that my claims are all valid. So the really true revolution will arrive.

Instead of learning math and science mechanically, I will make everyone live and breathe math with music, art, and all the fun and exciting things in our lives. The true creativity will emerge and that will lead to the spiritual liberation too to speak about it mildly.

Get ready for the rollercoast rides.

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Q7: How do we participate for USL pilot studies?

Answer: I am currently building the online pilot study programs so that this can run globally although I prefer to be present physically at the test sites. With certain setups can make the study possible online mostly.

Next week, I will release information as to how people around the globe, I mean schools around the globe can participate although I currently focus mostly on English-speaking schools. For those schools that rely mostly on Spanish, as I am in Latin America travelling right now, I will pre-record my lectures on videos – unfortunately wihtout my improvised teachings due to my lack of confidence hearing Spanish – and will run Voice Over on my lecture videos. So, this can be definitely doable.



Q8: As the first 2 pilot studies were done in October, 2013, are there going to be some changes for the future pilot studies of USL?

Answer: From now on, I will focus more on 1 chapter in 30-40 minutes series instead of 1 month materials in 1 hour series. I decided to change a bit because I want to cover more classes within relatively shorter time frame. Compared to the early 1 month in 1 hour series, I will be able to cover almost twice as many classes in this way.



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