MMU1 first!

MMU1 (Mini Mini USL1) is the preliminary version of USL1 (Unified Super Learning) version 1.


Main motto of MMU1 is to radically, rapidly reduce (3Rs) the math poverty with any state or national government that will support the MMU1 causes.  Basic idea for now is that Lee will take the worst half of students from all participating cities or states or smaller nations and to advance their math average to the best half of the students. This is roughly equivalent to boost the worst 25 percentile of the math students to about 75th percentile very rapidly. Lee has been demonstrating this in fall of 2016 in Guatemala and is trying to scale this up with various governments in 2017.

[Exec Summary 2 pages with Appendix] To end the math poverty multiple times faster with MMU1 than without it (Click here to download it): version 1


To end the math poverty within 1 decade or even 5 years and by doing so the math poverty around the world with MMU1 multiple times faster than without it

The preliminary warm-up exercise level evidences of MMU1 from Guatemala 2016 can be found here.


© Copyright 2017 USL, All rights Reserved. Written For: USL is to end the math poverty in the world leading to massive socio-economic impacts: USL is proved to make the average students learn math 1,000-5,000% faster and more efficiently. Our current focus is USL 0.5 which will boost the state or national math average 10x faster than without for most in just 2-4 years instead of 20-40 years

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