USL: La cobertura televisiva sobre Dongchan Lee & USL de niveles departamental, estados, y munis.

Guatemala coberturas


State or departamental levels

Dia de entrevista en Cable Vision Canal de Solola, Guatemals: 9 de Septiembre, 2016

Second interview with the Cable Vision (2 of the Solola state TV channels) of  Solola, in Guatemala. This took place at the Friday of September 9th, 2017, during the weekly news & interview. It runs for about 15 minutes and starts at 22:27.

City, municipal levels

Momostenango Media coverage

This took place on September 12th at Momos TV (which is one of the 2 muni level TV stations of Momostenango of Totonicapan in Guatemala) and was aired on September 13th evening news that started at 7 PM in local time of Guatemala.



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